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By | March 25th, 2009

Performance Test is a PC benchmark software by PassMark. This is the best tool yet available in market to check your computer’s performance score just in few minutes. It takes only about 2-3 minutes and give you a complete picture of your computer’s performance.

performance test Your Computers Performance Test performance test text Your Computers Performance Test

Download Setup (11 MB)

Time of Test = 2-3 Minutes

Note: The results of Performance Test are accurate and very close to that of PCmark and 3Dmark, which take a lot of time to show their results.

Before you start the test (prerequisites):


  • Make sure that you are not running it in Power Savor mode especially using Vista. Go to Control Panel, then Power-Options and select Balance Mode, or Performance Mode or Company Recommended Mode (This is one of the common reason that Laptop gives less score while having a good Processor)
  • Make sure that the Power is plugged-in and you are not running on battery
  • Close all programs, disable extra utilities and stop any other task
  • Make sure you have latest drivers and directx installed


  • Close all programs, disable are extra utilities and stop any other task
  • Make sure you have latest drivers and directx installed

After download, install and run the Performance Test. You will see a complete picture of a computer components. As the performance test software started it already calculated the specifications and models of your computer. Click on any part, it will show the speed,model etc in a pop-up balloon. You can view all by taking mouse over Show All button.

performance test all Your Computers Performance Test

Now, If you want a complete PC benchmark, then click on Run Bechmark from the left menu. Sit back and see the different cool tests it performs on your system. After the test is finished, the Performance test will give you the score of your system.

Snapshots of some tests:

test 300x225 Your Computers Performance Test test 1 300x222 Your Computers Performance Test
test 3 300x208 Your Computers Performance Test test 2 300x222 Your Computers Performance Test
test 4 300x222 Your Computers Performance Test test 5 300x225 Your Computers Performance Test

Finally you get to see the system Score. Note this is the overall score of the system. You can further browse in the tabs on top to view the individual scores of each components in the system

score Your Computers Performance Test

benchmark report Your Computers Performance Test

I find this Benchmark software really useful, it’s light, small in size and gives you report in minutes. You can carry it around in your flash drive or laptop and see friends laptops or computers score, compare and have fun!

Download this software

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    Very useful utility.

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    I never considered to test my laptop before but I'll try out this program and see exactly what it's capacities are. Thanks for the review and the advice.
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