World of Warcraft: Cataclysm – A Change for the Good?

By | November 28th, 2010

Changed, transformed, mutated, say whatever you want to say, the World of Warcraft as you know has changed forever. Huge Cracks have appeared in the ground and lava is spewing everywhere. Deathwing is back to create havoc and destruction. I’m sure if you are reading this you will probably know about what the changes are in Cataclysm. If not, here are just a few bullet points to fill you in:

  • Release date Dec. 7, 2010
  • Level cap Raised to 85
  • New racesWorgen (Alliance), Goblin (Horde)
  • New zonesHyjal, Vashj’ir, Deepholm, Uldum, Twilight Highlands
  • Revamped zones Nearly everything in Azeroth
  • New secondary profession Archaeology
  • New mastery stat added
  • Talent tree overhaul
  • Raid progression refined
  • New guild perks and achievements
  • Rated battlegrounds added

This all looks exciting right? Well I’m going to fill you in about how I think the new expansion will fare with existing World of Warcraft players and new players.

First off, let’s take a look at the new player tooltips and interface. Blizzard thought that the old tooltips were a little confusing for new player so they have decided to make them a little bit simpler. For example, a spell (like Fireblast) which used to say a lot about its stats and damage lots of stuff which you need to take into account is now being replaced with the words “Does Damage at Range”. This offers no real description of what the actual spell does. This option can be changed in Options but I thought I better mention it. This also brings me onto the new spells in which new players will be receiving at fairly early levels. Some of the new spells were not available until at least level 60 on some classes. This leaves me thinking that leveling up won’t be a challenge any more. Reason being that the first few basic spells in the game, I think, are there to give an idea to what the players characters can do. So giving them all of the amazing spells will let them easily breeze through leveling and not give them any surprises when it comes to end-game.

That being said, there will be some good things to come out of Cataclysm. Two New classes races are being introduced; Goblins and Worgen. Goblins have sided with the Horde and Worgen with the Alliance. This will give much more variety to current player who are thinking of making another character and it will also attract new players who never really like the other races but may like these ones. Another very cool feature that I am really excited about is the introduction of the ability to use flying mounts in mainland Azeroth (Eastern Kingdoms and Kalmidor ). This will cost players 250g and is available at level 60 but is only available to players who have the expansion.

wow cataclysm World of Warcraft: Cataclysm   A Change for the Good?

Will Cataclysm strengthen or weaken the World of Warcraft fan club? One of the things they have done to try and strengthen it is to further enhance PvP (player vs player) which was rather weak compared to other games such as Warhammer Online. Blizzard are bringing in new battlegrounds and a new area called TolBarand Island which is a new wintergrasp-like zone to try and vamp it up. But I still think the game will have its flaws. The addition of more raids and dungeons is great, but will it really keep people (the non-addicted) occupied for that long? If it was me, I’d kill Deathwing then stop playing. I’ve never really been a grinding person. Increasing the level cap to 85 was also a bad idea in my opinion. The cap needs to be a ‘doable’ number. New players want something to aspire to be, but at the same time, they don’t want to get tired of leveling half way through.

Maybe I’m being too negative, but these are just my thoughts. We can let the game and the fans do the talking once the game is released.

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  • Jonas1982

    Stuart Vivers on your article is easy to understand that u dont know much about the game and about Wow end-game content. There are players doing the “same” thing for 6 years now and they just dont kill “Deathwing and stop playing”. If u dont what the game is about and it is still alive and earning even more players please dont bother to write this type of game reviews. You are missleading others that dont share of your “casual” approach to what the Wow universe is about.

  • Lolatyou

    Goblins and Worgen arent new classes. They are new races. Correct that mister reviewer.

  • Stuartv94

    First off, i was not a casual gamer. I have recently quit after 4 years of playing having experiensed most of the end-game. If you would read at the top you will see that i stated, ‘I’m going to fill you in about how I think the new expansion will fare with existing World of Warcraft players and new players.’ note the part where i say ‘how i think’. This may not apply to you but ir does to me. These are my thoughts. Also, the majority of World of Warcraft players are casual and are not 24/7 addicted to the game. Please bear in mind that other people have their own thoughts.

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  • Lukyl

    yer umm.. your last paragraph is just totally wrong. you say “The addition of more raids and dungeons is great, but will it really keep people (the non-addicted) occupied for that long?” well yes it will. why do you think so many people continued to play in The Burning Crusade, and WoTLK? and then you say one of the stupidest WoW related things i’ve ever read.. “If it was me, I’d kill Deathwing then stop playing.” since when have you ever been able to enter WoW expansions, and the original, and be able to face the final boss? you have to stick around for the entire game before you are able to face it, and during that time you are attempting to gear yourself for it, which in turn is what keeps players around. Also what are you complaining about for the level cap being 85? how is that not a “doable number”? it’s 5 less levels then the previous two expansions…
    Please know what your talking about before making any opinions and misleading people who may be thinking of starting the game.

  • Thang_dara

    hi.all friend.

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  • Transformerrepair

    I’m playing WoW on molten-wow but they still didn’t update it to cataclysm.. I wanna play WoW cataclysm.

  • lvl86

    I’d like to say it’s a change for good but my computer now lags a lot without it

  • hh79

    Interesting post about the release.  I myself always get frustrated with fixing macro and keybinding changes for updates and new expansions. 

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