Win Crucial Gizmo! 16GB (4GB x 4) Flash Drive [Giveaway]

By | July 26th, 2009

That’s right, HardwareInsight has reached its 100 posts and as promised we have started a free monthly giveaway. This month we have a pack of (4GB x 4) crucial Gizmo! Flash Drive. Crucial is a memory expert providing different memory products. The Crucial Gizmo! USB flash drive offers plug-and-play portable storage in a sleek, compact design. The drive is Windows® Vista™ compatible and available in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capacities. The winner will get a pack of 4 USB flash drives, each of capacity 4GB.

 Win Crucial Gizmo! 16GB (4GB x 4) Flash Drive [Giveaway]

 Win Crucial Gizmo! 16GB (4GB x 4) Flash Drive [Giveaway]  Win Crucial Gizmo! 16GB (4GB x 4) Flash Drive [Giveaway]  Win Crucial Gizmo! 16GB (4GB x 4) Flash Drive [Giveaway]

How to participate: Just comment below, don’t forget to fill in your email address. As the date ends, one comment will be chosen at random and we will contact the Winner for shipping. The contest closes on Saturday, August 1st, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time). We will randomly pick up a winner through a draw and announce it on 2nd August 2009. Winner will be notified by email. No comment will be considered after the deadline.


  • Giveaway: Crucial Gizmo! 16GB (4GB x 4) Flash Drive
  • Deadline: August 1st, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)
  • Anyone can participate
  • To participate, submit a comment below along with your email address for contact.
  • Multiple comments will be considered as one entry
  • Winner will be notified by email on 2nd August 2009

Update: Contest closed. Congratulation Tamar.

  • Salman

    cool cool :p

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    aalaa yaar…. fit offer ha…

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    great!! congratulations for offering this

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    What a nice idea for a “lottery”.

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  • matt

    Sweet. I love crucial, they have great products at great prices, especially their ram.

  • Ashish Kalmegh

    Good going buddies , 4×4 GB pendrives its awesome !!

    May your blog gets 30k visits per month hehe :D

  • Raza Hafeez

    WOW nice way to give free items

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    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullhi wa barakatuhu.. peace all

  • bilal

    nice deal….

  • Shane Shaw

    Nice idea and congratulations on reaching 100 posts, flash drives are always handy to have around and with 4 there will always be a spare.

  • Ben

    I lose these like crazy, would be great to have spares, also these are perfect readyboost size :)

  • Mitul

    Congrats for hundredth post..!!! This is a cool offer…:)

  • vigge_sWe

    Let’s see if I can win ^^

  • Derek

    Me for the win!

  • Herb M

    Wow, 16GB (4GB x 4) in Flash Drives! My first PC had less than 1/2GB. Only a 475MB HD but someone once said nobody would ever need more than 100KB.

  • ES

    Count me in. Great one!

  • bbx

    Awesome prize! Please count me in! Thanks :)

  • Juancav

    I´d like to try this.

  • HART (aka PetLvr)

    Oh .. I like contests .. but, I like 4GIG flashdrives even more :D

  • Rob

    I need this! Wonder how they are going to pick the winner? Hopefully the pull a number out of a hat!

  • Sohaib

    Cool stuff!!!

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    Great pack to win :)

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    Thanks for the opportunity!

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    Great, Congrats!!!
    Such giveaways are definitely worth both for readers and the author as well.
    Count me in !! :)

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    Excellent Giveaway,
    I hope I win!!

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    I have never really EVAR won a lucky draw-ish contest. Let’s see how well this goes :)

  • Jeffrey Wisniewski

    Thanks. And if I win, the wife & kids will thank you also, since they each would get one and stop using mine.

  • Dmitry Boldirev

    Give me!!!Please )))

  • Dmitry Boldirev

    Give me!!!

  • Gagan

    count me in and wish me gud luck :d

  • swagat

    Hardware insight rocks… :D
    Post socialised.. Kudos!

  • Lee Fink

    I would LOVE to win this! All of my things are backed up on flash drives, and my boyfriend has an addiction to them. I would split them in half and give half to him, and keep half for myself!

  • Asad


    Best of Luck to ALL

  • Jessica P

    great giveaway- thanks!

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    I need this hard disk :)

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    Nice idea…
    I hope I win !

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    Awesome USB sticks!

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    Its my birthday hope I win! Sweet deal.

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    Interesting idea, can’t wait to see how it pans out

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    Intresting giveaway. cant wait to see if i win!

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    thats pretty cool!! keep up the good work on these blogs i thumbs up them every time!

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