Which web hosting is suitable for my website?

By | August 28th, 2009

This is a question that people always ask me. Some of them ask about the web hosting I am using, but is it relevant  that which web hosting I use? I think the right way to select the hosting is according to your need and deciding which will go best for you at affordable rate. The website is as efficient as its hosting, so do spend some time deciding about the servers which will host your website.

There are numerous companies offering web hosting services starting from shared up to the dedicated servers. Of course shared hosting is much cheaper then virtual servers and dedicated server. I suggest if you are new to web world go for shared for the first year as you won’t be getting much traffic in the first year of the launch of your website. As the need for judging the right host increased, different websites responded providing reviews and rating of all the famous web hosting available in market.

wp designer Which web hosting is suitable for my website?

Once such website is WpDesigner, which offers a right comparison between various web hosting services as well as review of each. The critical parameters for judgment are of course the price, bandwidth, up-time and money back guarantee. If you decide upon a service then read its review from the same website before buying it. Visit to see the best web hosting services.

  • Super

    “is it relevant that which web hosting I use?”

    I must say “YES!” because your site loads really fast. Why don’t you share your web host with us if you are satisfied with it? Is it shared or dedicated and how is the overall quality? Please share.

  • http://www.hardwareinsight.com/ jawad

    As I have a lot of traffic and cannot afford delay so im using dedicated servers: http://www.pakservers.com

  • http://buynethosting.com/ aaron

    Probably the most important aspects of any hosting company are up time, and customer support. If you add in ease of use, and reasonable prices Inmotion may just win the prize. The only flaw I have seen so far is occasional waits beyond 3 minutes when you call in by phone. Having sat on hold with hosting companies in excess of 30 minutes even this one shortcoming of Inmotion is minor. To have experienced a pleasant demeanor from the staff every single time I have called them is a bonus. I have 2 VPS and 1 dedicated rack with InMotion and the speed in and out are excellent. I cannot think of anything I could add other than to ask for Inmotion not to allow their quality to degrade.

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