Untethered Jailbreak for iPod Touch 3G, OS 3.1.3

By | May 3rd, 2010

Good news for all iPod Touch users especially those with MC models, that comex has released the spirit jailbreak that amazingly works on all apple devices i.e. iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Spirit provides an untethered jailbreak which means you don’t have to connect to iTunes anymore every time you reboot your iPod Touch and other Apple devices. Unfortunately MC model users have been living with tethered jailbreak for long time, but spirit has put them out of their misery. Here’s a step by step guide to jailbreak your iPod Touch OS 3.1.3. Note: You can jailbreak iPod 2G and 3G running latest OS using this tool.

Step 1: Make sure you have upgraded iPod Touch to the latest OS i.e. OS 3.1.3. If you are already using tethered jailbreak, you need to restore the device first.

Step 2: Download Spirit for Mac OS X or Windows

Step 3: Connect iPod Touch to the computer and run Spirit. However if you’re using Windows 7 or Vista, you need to run it as windows 98 compatibility mode, also run this program as administrator (you can find these options by right clicking spirit.exe and going in Properties tab) After running Spirit, a small dialog box will appear, it will automatically detect the device and the OS, click on Jailbreak button

 Untethered Jailbreak for iPod Touch 3G, OS 3.1.3

Step 4: Wait for sometime while it jailbreaks your iPod Touch. You will appreciate the a beautiful colored screen while running jailbreak process. This jailbreak is better than blackra1n by geohot. After the process is complete your iPod touch will reboot

 Untethered Jailbreak for iPod Touch 3G, OS 3.1.3

Step 5: That’s it, you are now using untethered jailbroken iPod Touch. Cydia will come pre-installed.

 Untethered Jailbreak for iPod Touch 3G, OS 3.1.3

See requirements and other stuff on official Spirit page.

  • phooeyllama

    u can jailbreak the new ipod touch with this???

  • enrique

    Yes, you can.

  • paulloghin

    You are the best guys. Thank you 1000000000000000000 times for this grate stuff. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  • iwannajailbreakmyipod

    When you jailbreak the ipod do you lose all of your pictures, music, and apps? Also, does it disconnect you to your itunes account and or your wifi connections. Please help.

  • usmanaziz

    No! All your pictures, music and apps are preserved. Only Cydia stores is added to your iPhone/iPod/iPad. You can use iTunes just as before.

  • jailbreakingfrustrations

    so this will jailbreak my 3rd generation ipod touch?

  • lallous


  • neoma

    i have the last version of itunes, but when i want to run spirit I got this message
    “Spirit require iTunes 9 to function. Please install a correct version of iTunes then run spirit again”

  • chjawadm

    Please see the iTunes version requirements here: http://www.spiritjb.com/

  • D-Block

    Excellent. FYI, I tried it on my windows 7 and Ran as Admin/windows 98 compatibility, but Cydia did not show. I tried it multiple times and it seems to work, but I didn't have Cydia. I ended up, trying it from my XP machine, and Voilaaaaaaaaaa. NYCEEEEEEE

  • usmanaziz

    Yes, it will untethered jailbreak your iPod Touch 3G.

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  • Tony

    i jailbreaked my ipod touch2G 3.1.3 (MC model) with spirit as u said…it went fine…even the cydia was installed properly….but when i connect it to ifunbox, my device was shown was a “jailed” ipod……..can you please point out my mistakes…or what should i do for an untethered jailbreak???????

    Can u pleases post a detailed step by step procedure to jailbreak my MC version ipod???????

    Thnx in advance

  • usmanaziz

    Thanks for your comment! To fix your problem, simply search and install 'afc2add' from Cydia as afc2 is not available with Spirit for now. You'll have to restart your device after installation.

  • tony

    @ usmanaziz…..thnx mate…but as i m new to this ipod world………can u tell me in a bit detail how can i do that with cydia…and please do tell me if there is a way i can do the same by downloading file to my PC and installing it from there to my ipod….thnx in advance….oh.,,and please clarify my doubt about the ifunbox issue of not showing my ipod as jailbroken……….

  • usmanaziz

    Simply open Cydia from your iPod Touch and select 'Search'. Now type 'afc2add' in the search bar, open the package and tap on install. It will ask for confirmation. Let it install and the restart the device. Voila! You're done! No need to download it to your PC. You'll now be able to use ifunbox with full options.

  • chjawadm

    Re-download the Spirit and try again. A lot of bugs have been fixed and an updated version of Spirit is now available for download

  • jodean

    just jailbroke my ipod 3rd gen with spirit but when i go into itunes and try to install some cracked apps itunes wont install them onto the ipod.. help please..

  • usmanaziz
  • borracho18

    jailbroken itouch 3g wth spirit but it wont sync my itunes apps

  • ipodadrian

    hoooooooooooooooly crap. it worked…. WTF! IT WORKED!
    now i'm going to run nakid and drunk around my city.

  • Tony

    @usmanaziz…..ummmm…dude …havin a little problem with my wifi network here…plz tell a way to install the afc2add application offline via my PC to my ipod…….will b of great help…where can i download the application from the net????….thnx

  • Chris

    After I Jailbreaked my ipod it worked with cydia showing on the screen but when I tapped on Cydia to open it. It didn't open the app kept moving but I didnt see the Cydia window show on my ipod touch. I have a 3.1.3 MC model Can you please help thanks I wanna jailbreak my ipod possibaly today and it would be cool to unlock

  • usmanaziz

    Try downloading Spirit and jailbreaking again. Spirit has been updated to fix bugs.


    for some reason it is takin ages to do the jailbreak?????????


    PLZZZZZZZZZZ hellllllllp me

  • Tony


  • Jason

    HOLY SH************TTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! i cant believe it worked!!!! Oh man I OWE SO MUCH TO YOU!!!! THANKS!!!!!!

  • Shane

    Would this untethered jailbreak also work with the iphone 3GS as well as the ipod touch 3.1.2 version. Thanks

  • Agntkttn

    Thats awsome. Thanks :D But whne i try to change the keyboard color it dosent change… Is there a diffrent way to do it….?

  • usmanaziz


  • bbrack77

    Can you download spirit just using your iPod and not having to hook it up to your computer

  • Agntkttn

    No you have to use the pc

  • feeqshy

    DO you need to REBOOT DEVICE?? HELP >.<”

  • Jc

    Every time I try to get something on Cydia, it says “cannot locate package”. Any advice?

  • lilstarbuck

    would i goto jail if i jailbroke mine

  • Desiree

    did you get an answer to this?? I am trying to change the color of mine too not sure how though

  • Rodricko

    If this were to screw up my 8gb Ipod touch 3g in some way, i would be able to turn it off then back on and it would go back to normal, right?

  • usmanaziz

    If something goes wrong during jailbreaking, you can restore the device using iTunes.

  • usmanaziz

    Yes, but you dont need to re-jailbreak after reboot as this method is untethered.

  • Joshua A

    you are my hero OMG

  • Bob

    i downloaded sbsettings and then it tells me to reboot my device. If i press on it will all my stuff be deleted?

  • Matt

    it works perfectly and i finished jailbreaking in like 1 minuet 5 STARS

  • Matt

    it worked without problems 5 STARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Agntkttn

    I read something saying that you cant yet on this. There should me something to be able to change the keyboard soon enough…. HOpefully


    thankyou thankyou thankyou

  • joey

    after the jailbreak i tried to restore and it just says connect to itunes and it wont restore what do i do?

  • Annie

    i have done this and i just dont know why the applications i downloaded isnt working – theres always an error…

    i have an ipod touch 3.1.3

    need help please

  • adam

    I keep getting “cannot locate package” when i try to download sources. Also, i want and need to download Rockbox. any help where to find it?

  • adam

    I keep getting “cannot locate package” when i try to download sources. Also, i want and need to download Rockbox. any help where to find it?

  • adam

    I keep getting “cannot locate package” when i try to download sources. Also, i want and need to download Rockbox. any help where to find it?

  • Junelee

    The “beautiful colored screen” has been there FOREVER! Is this normal? Is there anyway that I can make it go faster???


    I did as this said and it wont let me open Cydia I have tried it over 6 times to reload it and it still will not come up please help

  • Bryce

    i have searched for days and got this program but i never knew to run it as an administrator thanks soooo much

  • Dabomb

    Can u personalize like your backround from black to a pictue, and can u make it have different designs?

  • kyle

    how come when i find the theme collored key boads and respring and everything and go to my keyboard there is no collor how do i get the collored keyboard like i seen people do it on the website tht i got spirit from..

  • jm

    how come my apps from before this jailbreak disappeared and when i download them again it doesnt appear on my springboard

  • Prabhu

    I have tried Sprit for 3G 3.1.3, but once th setup is over, cydia is giving a message of “Unable to progress”. any reason for this. Whether you need WiFi to complete installation.

  • Tiko

    does this also give you rock and icy apps too or onyl cydia, cuz blackrain seems to give u all three options?

  • avo


  • Shadow


  • kblay

    I down loaded cydia on to my i touch 3.1.3 when i click on the icon it says unable to load operation could not be completed invalid argument.what should I do

  • Jarrad95

    i have a vista computer and i set it to windows 98 compatibility and cydia did not load on my ipod touch even though it said jailbreak succeed

  • Halogod1994

    SWEET! I AM SO HAPPY! I have been waiting TOO LONG for this jailbreak. Got so annoying having to use iTunes to use My iPod. o.x Thanks!

  • marbelys

    after i did this my iphone wont wor it seems that is coming from a recovery mode but it turns off back again and again after waiting with the apple symbol please help me!!

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  • HELP

    when i tried using cydia, it crashed. wat do i do????????

  • http://bdtechie.com Lateperto

    You can jail break the new firmware 3.1.3 at http://www.bdtechie.com/2010/06/jailbreaking-yo

  • Joseph

    when ever i open cydia it close's wtf?

  • Scorpio Love Scorpio

    how long does it take to jailbreak? mine is taking forever.

  • Toby_le_nguyen

    Does this work for 1st gen?

  • XIII

    does this work with the 4.0?

  • kris

    no, i have done that on mine.

  • rainey

    is this compatible for the itouch 3G OS 4?

  • Udmosin

    wat to do wen itunes does not synk with my so 4.0 jail breaked iphone wat to doo

  • james

    i think it goes good but with jailbreaking an ipod cant you download games off itunes that normally cost for free..

  • zack

    yes you can bro

  • Pie

    can you do it with ipod touch 8 gb

  • Vinayhosur

    Can i jailbreak my new i pod touch 3g(mc model) os 4

  • Erik

    wow it doesnt matter how memory u got idiot

  • Andes Alloy

    hey uhh i have the same problem…when i jail broke it it showed this beutiful screen for quite a while now…CAN SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME?!?!?!?

  • (-)3!k0

    can i jailbreak my Ipod Touch 3G 3.1.3?

  • Vinayhosur

    can i jailbreak my ipod touch 2G 4OS mc model

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  • Kimbie_f

    if my ipod touch is already jailbroken, could i run spirit to jailbreak it again? coz some of my apps won't open.. dont know whats the problem with it, furthermore i cant and wasnt able to restore my ipod. it says “this device isn't eligible for the requested buil”. what's that mean?

  • Assley_rocks13

    why cant i jailbreak my ipod? its a 3.1.3. (4.0) it says its not supported

  • Assley_rocks13

    oops i ment…..it says 2g 4.0 is not supported. what do i do?

  • Realplayervip

    I jailbreak my ipod touch install few games but now I can't log in to itune anymore can you please help thank you very much

  • usmanaziz

    iTunes should work with the jailbreak. Try jailbreaking your device again.

  • usmanaziz

    Read this article to jailbreak your device.

  • usmanaziz

    Try jailbreaking your device again.

  • usmanaziz
  • usmanaziz
  • Hrerrej

    i did everything and then i got cydia but i dont know wat to do now . help?

  • Forrest

    ok, i did this but its tethered…

  • nathan

    can i upgrade my version to 4.0 after i jailbreak it?

  • SouR

    When I connect my IPod Touch to my PC, Spirit says, “Device IPod Touch 2G (4.0.2) is not supported. Please help! Thanks in advance! :)

  • ricky

    why some times when i jailbreak my ipad with spirit it says device ipad (3.2.2) is not supported ??

  • Erik

    Yea i have the same problem i do everything it says but i never get cydia and i’ve tried it at least 10 times

    Can someone tell me how to get it to work?

  • Ways_12

    i have all the requirements to do the jailbreak but it been 5 hours now and i havent even got the trippy color screen, but all it says is jailbreaking….. on the Spirit program. Is it taking so long cause im running USB 1.0 on my older Mac still or what? im at a loss here.

  • (V)ark

    more efficient jailbreak for ios 4.0.1 below
    open your safari (you got to have internet connection) go to jailbreakme.com
    just slide the (slide to jailbreak) walla! wait for it to work.

  • Jps888

    Hi guys :)

    Just wonderin if im able 2 jailbreak my iPod when it is version 4.1 ???

  • Chubbym08

    i already have cydia, and it doesnt work, so i jailbroke my ipod again, an now it doesnt start, wat should i do

  • Hellokittyfan

    same i have cydia but when i press it, it comes back on my home page what can i dddooooo???????

  • Azn_boy590

    thanks dude ur awesome…. do u have a youtube acc whoever u r

  • Wolo

    u will have to jailbreak it again though

  • wolo

    look on youtube ” what to do right after cydia install

  • Azn_boy590


  • Azn_boy590

    info please

  • Peytonmackenzie97

    Is it okay if iTunes pops up while the colorful screen is up??

  • Anonymous

    no, You should make sure iTunes does nothing to your iPod touch while jailbreaking

  • Naomi234

    everytime i try to jailbreak my ipod it tells me “device ipod 3g (4.2.1) is not supported. please help!

  • Paulobrien50

    Ya little did they tell you it messes up your ipod, It F**ked up mine my music,mail,safariy,app store is gone! G thanks, any help????

  • thezz007

    would this work on ipod touch 3g 4.2.1 mc model

  • asdasd

    Hey guys, would this delete all the songs i currently have stored on my ipod?

  • Footballcrazypj

    it has done that to me and i dont know how to get them all back

  • Nicki

    the coloured screen wont go away on my ipod, theres a loading bar and its still staying the same, have i broke my ipod?

  • http://www.werepaircellphones.com iPod repair

    As with the iPod nano and classic, one further use of the storage on the iPod touch is to hold digital photos. In fact, the touch is the best of the iPods for displaying your photos thanks to its three and a half inch screen with 480 x 320 resolution.

  • Studio

    Hi Bro..
    I really want to take the time to thank you for this wonderful working software !!
    I made a small video of the complete simple proces and will place it on my youtube channel.
    Respect from Studio48

  • Gatoblanco17

    ni it dosent loose your itunes account but you loose all of you pictures muscia and games

  • Popeye-boy

    after jailbreak cannot connect to website. what shoud i do? Please help

  • Anonymous

    thanks a lot for sharing this useful information….

  • Anonymous

    jailbreak is needed for many users…

    we must know how to do it

  • Anonymous

    But it’s not untethered. Is it safe?

  • http://therepairstop.com iPhone Repair

    Thanks for sharing the news regarding new jaibreak that will work on all apple devices like ipod, ipad, iphone. Really this is a great news. I am just waiting to use this jailbreak app on my ipad.

  • sant