Top 10 Video Game Series of the 21st Century

By | December 21st, 2010

10. Mass Effect

The Mass Effect series is an award-winning science fiction RPG developed by BioWare. It was first released in 2007 and has now grown to be a highly popular game. You play Commander Shepard and must save the galaxy from a race of aliens called the Reapers. The game offers unique RPG features, gripping and mind-blowing campaigns and along with that, the great voice acting and storytelling for which BioWare is famous for.

Mass Effect Top 10 Video Game Series of the 21st Century

9. Killzone

The Killzone series has always been a PlayStation exclusive. And with some great FPS gameplay and amazing multiplayer it really does make it a great series. The series is about the war between the I.S.A. (Interplanetary Strategic Alliance) and the Helghast. The Helghast are one of my most favorite enemies. With their glowing red eyes and bad-ass voices it’s hard to see how anyone couldn’t think they were awesome.

killzone 2 Top 10 Video Game Series of the 21st Century

8. Battlefield

Battlefield has always provide the gamers with a realistic, yet fun environment to play in. Multiplayer maps are huge; you can drive vehicles; fly helicopters or even zoom around on a jet-ski. The complete multiplayer package is there and that’s why it has been one of the most successful game series of all time. The game recently went from World War 2 gameplay to a more modern type of warfare. And now with the DICE game engine which allows players to destroy their environment there has never been a more perfect time to pick up and play this amazing game.

Battlefield Bad Company Top 10 Video Game Series of the 21st Century

7. Left 4 Dead

Killing zombies. It just doesn’t get better than that does it. The game doesn’t focus that much on single player but it’s in the multiplayer where this game really shines. Group up with 3 of your buddies and start to eradicate the vast zombie horde which stands before you. With spooky, yet believable maps to play on this game is defiantly one of the most unique FPS/Survival games I have ever played.

left 4 dead Top 10 Video Game Series of the 21st Century

6. Star Wars: Battlefront

I have so many fond memories of this game. Playing on the weekends with my brother on our PS2 trying to get the wire wrapped round the AT-ATs legs on Hoth. If you are a Star Wars fan and do not own this, I seriously suggest you go and pick this game up. You have missed out on so many awesome memories. If you want plain and simple 3rd person shooter fun, this game is for you.

Battlefront Top 10 Video Game Series of the 21st Century

5. Crysis

One of the best looking PC series ever and also brings with it the saying, ‘if your PC can play Crysis, it can play anything.’ The game is a futuristic FPS developed by Crytek Frankfurt in where an island in the Philippines has been found to harboring a massive alien structure. In the campaign you play Jake Dunn a.k.a. Nomad who is equipped with a ‘Nano Suit’ which has various power ups and abilities.

Crysis Wars Trial 6 Top 10 Video Game Series of the 21st Century

4. Total War

Total War is a series of games which combine turn-based strategy with real-time tactical battles. Its games have a variety of different historical time periods. The most popular being Rome: Total War which saw the game change in many different ways. Such as improved graphics, better AI and more improved campaign system. This is a must have for strategy gaming fans.

total war Top 10 Video Game Series of the 21st Century

3. Halo

Another science fiction, first person shooter game; most people have probably heard of Halo with it being the addictive fast paced game that it is. Halo is developed by a company called Bungie which has since split with Microsoft and has signed a ten-year publishing deal with Activision Blizzard. Halos story centers on the Master Chief who is acybernetically-enhanced human soldier and aids humanity in battling the Covenant, another alien race.

halo 2 Top 10 Video Game Series of the 21st Century

2. World of Warcraft

You will be seeing this game everywhere. And if you are saying ‘why does everyone keep talking about that game?’ there are two main reasons. 1. – it provides players with thousands of hours of gameplay, 2. – It’s so addictive you will keep coming back for more. The game now has nearly 12 million subscribers and is one of the most popular games ever. It is also regarded as the most addictive game ever.

World of Warcraft Top 10 Video Game Series of the 21st Century

1. The Sims

It’s the game that is suitable for everyone; it doesn’t have a steep learning curve and there are endless possibilities. From hardcore gamers to casual gamers it really isn’t a hard to get into. You can have your own separate life within a game. You can take on everyday even prepare meals, clean; get a job or even going to the toilet. It’s all here! If you have ever wanted to play God, this is the game for you!

Sims Top 10 Video Game Series of the 21st Century

The General, Age of Empires and Command & Conquer: Red Alert are not included in this list because they were released before 21st century.

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  • Ko

    only a complete idiot could come up with this list

  • Seal

    You forgot Metal Gear Solid. That game should be No. 1 on this list.

  • Brotendo64

    Seriously? No mention of “Uncharted”?

  • Mjonesy2

    You spelled fallout wrong for number 1.

  • Bob

    Knights of the Old Republic??

  • Robert Hill

    Seriously? No Half-Life? No Starcraft? I could see the WoW thing if you actually just mentioned the Warcraft series, seeing as how a single game is not a series.

    But really? No Civilization and no Starcraft, but instead TotalWar?

    What about Doom? Unreal? Quake?

    What about GTA? Final Fantasy? Freakin’ MARIO AND ZELDA. Sure, some of these franchises started prior to 2000, but they are still going on today, making any of these valid choices. Also: Gran Turismo, Forza, Assasins Creed.

    Possibly the worst “Gaming List” I’ve ever read.

  • Attention

    “The General, Age of Empires and Command & Conquer: Red Alert are not included in this list because they were released before 21st century.”

    He didn’t include those games because the series started before the 21st century. Read the article…

  • Robert Hill

    He is referring to specific games. The Starcraft SERIES and Civilization SERIES still exist in the 21st century, as do all of the other games I mentioned.

    It is not my fault the author is confused by the fact that a SERIES is more than one.

  • Robert Hill

    Also, according to that logic, WoW should certainly not be on this list seeing as it is a part of the Warcraft series, which started a good deal before the 21st century. Oh yeah and same with The Sims since it is a part of the SimCity series.

  • Dragaran

    I was pleasantly surprised to see Battlefront on the list! It deserves it!

  • Sbrooden

    asides from being a misinformed list, battlefield wasn’t just recently moved to the modern era. that happened 5 years ago

  • Dan Smith


  • Korbat

    no God of War? really?

  • Bethanyt22beth

    i don’t like any of those video games they all suck!!!! :)

  • Yepitme

    2000 and later: Devil may cry? God of war? Kingdom Hearts? Kamiari? 

    half the list is shooters…should have saw this coming.

  • CockOfDookie

    I believe this list was created and digged with EA influence to hype up the new Sims game coming out. Your half-hearted research leaves a lot of other better series out, enraging anyone who reads it, and destroys any credibility to any lists you make.

  • Me

    Half-Life and Diablo series need to be on this.

  • Mydickmotherfucker

    What a Fucking idiot.

  • Alexpenvose

    grand theft auto???? hello!? it’s called innovation.

  • Lmaololbag

    You people are idiots! This is a perfectly fine list! And all you fuvking retards that say diablo should be on it, it was released in 1997 which is not the 21st century! Go to school and learn you centuries before commenting retards!

  • Jiopmepob

    Stop with the ‘GTA should be on it’ shit! It was made in 1997! Not the 21st century!!!!!!

  • Bahamut5098

    Please finish High School and learn proper grammar before you ever blog again, thanks.

  • Bollox

    Hahaha you put crysis on and left halflife off this list. Author you have absolutely no clue. Also the sims at number 1? You are insane

  • Robert Hill

    Uhm, the definition of a series means more than one. Lots have came out since 2000. Please go grab a dictionary and look up “series”.

  • Robert Hill

    I think this may be the most retarded gaming list I have ever read. This man should not blog about games.

  • lmaololbag

    a group or a number of related or similar things, events, etc., arranged or occurring in temporal, spatial, or other order or succession; sequence.

    Series of the 21st Century…. if gta was on it, that would mean that it was a series from the 20th CENTURY!

  • lmaololbag

    Half Life (Series) – First released on PC on November 19, 1998. Which makes it unable to be on this list. Lol you people really are dumbasses, the list has great games of this century! which has only just begun! Stop bickering about games and play them! this is this guys opinion and tbh i like it!

  • Robert Hill

    Damn, you are dumber than I thought. You are aware that the Warcraft series is the oldest one on the list, right? And that the Sims are just a spinoff of the SimCity franchise which is also very old?

    Oh yeah, that would mean you are from THE RETARD CENTURY!

  • Robert Hill

    Warcraft was started in 1994. Nice try though.

    It would be nice if you were fully informed instead of fully ignorant.

  • Robert Hill

    And just because a franchise started before 2000 does not mean it should not be on this list, as proved by Warcraft. So seriously, please, go back to school. You need it.

  • GameBoy

    Seriously? This is garbage. There is no way the Sims are the best series of the 21st century. How about even mentioning Call of Duty? Not going to bother listing the other series that were missed.

  • CaptainL0nestar

    Where is Call of Duty? it is a bit more popular than Crysis and is actually a series of games.

  • Steve Holt

    The Sims is not part of the SimCity series. Just because it was influenced by the former, and designed by the same person, does not make it a continuous series, just like Warcraft and Starcraft do not belong to the same series, despite incredibly similar gameplay and having both been designed by the same company. And yes, I agree with WoW not belonging. The writer seems to be taking a lot of liberties in this article, but by far the worst is claiming WoW’s one game and expansions as an entire series of games.

  • Padgo69

    worst list ever, whoever wrote this is a retard.

    Call of Duty is one of the highest selling franchises ever, and doesn’t make the list?


  • Andrew Adam

    That’s a lot of FPS and shooter games. Bias much? I’ve seen worst lists, but they were compiled by 5 year olds.

  • This list blows

    the fact that crysis, battlefront, L4D, and Killzone are all here and uncharted isn’t is disturbing. Killzone 1 was half-decent, Uncharted 1 was amazing. Killzone 2 was great, Uncharted 2 got voted best playstation game of all time. I’m assuming MGS isn’t on here because it started in 1998. Half-life is somehow missing. Metroid, Splinter Cell… ugh. so many series are better than the majority of the ones you listed

  • alda

    it seems most of these are guns and shoots, our world already has wars everywhere, why shouldn’t these games be more quiet. At least, to teach someone stop a war.

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  • Sffggd

    what a gay list, Halo should be number 1, its one of the best sci-fi franchises ever and warcraft shouldn’t even be on this list. its a derivative shitpile for queers with no lives. How the fuck could you leave half life off this? and finally “most favorite”!? Grammerfail, what are you a rugrat?

  • Will9923

    Terrible list… Only Halo, The Sims and WoW could be considered for top series. Battlefield too because they are my favorite :)

  • Anonymous

    What happened to “Only Halo” :P :P

  • Mike-boudreau



  • What


  • Midwestprime

    this is straight garbage even if your a hater you have to include call of duty, half-life, starcraft you cna’t put the 21st century in ten slots clown

  • guilt by association

    I like Mass Effect too.

  • Raphael Chaib

    Really? All of them are games that YOU have played, right? The REAL TOP 10 is very different…

  • Zan

    World of Warcraft. Is not a Series. Every single Warcraft fan hates WoW. Warcraft was a great franchise before they turn it into an MMo.

  • Bbarfield124

    Really no: call of duty, fallout (should be #1), or assassins creed. And wtf world of warecraft , what kind of fags made this.

  • wise.guy

    not a many rpg’s on this list, why are people so obsessed with shooters?