Top 10 Expected PC Games of 2011

By | May 6th, 2010

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

It is finally within our grasps, the game that people have been talking about for years. The sequel to the game which has won many game awards, including Game of the year. Skyrim, the home of the Nords will be the setting for the new Elder Scrolls. Hopefully it will be jammed packed full of snow and fantastic mountain scenery. Not much info yet, but we do have a solid release date – 11.11.11 – weird release date (don’t know if it has something to do with Remembrance Day). This game will be a contester for the greatest game of all time in my opinion.

2. Crysis 2

Crysis 2, A Sci-Fi first person shooter game developed by Crytek, is one of the most anticipated games for 2010/2011. Crysis 2 would be the first game to use game engine 3. Not to forget its predecessor, Crysis, that came up with bench-mark setting graphics and excellent game play. Crysis 2 is set in Newyork City, where players are enabled to navigate between floors and building structures, as well as destroy the cityscape. Witnessing creepiness and horrible things that had happened to Newyork city. Nomad is the main character of the game; a super soldier with enhanced combat skills and fascinating tools. Crysis 2 is equipped with freedom of large number of choices including the usage of multiple power modes simultaneously and more tactical warfare, upgraded weapons. The nanosuit has been redesigned to Nanosuit 2; which is the best technological milestone of the mankind with exhilarating new features. See our Crysis 2 review here.

crysis 2 Top 10 Expected PC Games of 2011

The storyline is still not disclosed. Hoping the story is in continuation from the original game. The developers claim that the new game will come up with catastrophically beautiful graphics. Crysis 2 will run more efficiently then the original game, easily accommodating to lower end computers.

3. Diablo 3

Blizzard has announced to release Diablo 3 next year. Diablo3 is another themed action role playing game which is sequel to the original game Diablo released in 1997. The game is set in the world of sanctuary, a world of dark fantasy which was saved years ago by the unnamed heroes in Diablo 2. The players from the Diablo 2 returns to Sanctuary to confront evil in its many forms. Diablo 3 is the best example of real playing game. Like its predecessor, the player takes the control of a heroic battle to get rid of the world of Diablo the lord of terror engaging in combat with hordes of monsters and challenging bosses. Game has an epic storyline where player gets to journey through different levels ultimately confronting the Diablo.

You can choose character classes and manage variety of spells and equipments. Players will also have the opportunity to explore familiar setting such as Tristram. Players will also encounter several new characters as well as a number of characters from the previous games including Deckard Cain. Like Diablo 2 multiplayers can play the game using Blizzard’s service with exciting newly added features. Until now four of the five classes have been unveiled: the Barbarian, the Witch Doctor, the Wizard and the Monk.

diablo 3 Top 10 Expected PC Games of 2011

New feature that have been unveiled includes: picking up the gold rather than just touching it, unique health orbs that drop from the enemy, several changes to the quick bar buttons and function keys, Skill Runes; another new skill modifying feature , numerous new spells, pick the desired gender. Diablo 3 is powered by custom 3D game engine; giving a view similar to isometric view used in previous games. Built in a unique 3D environment with exclusive death animations. Diablo 3 engine would be incorporated with Havok physics and features; destructible environment with an in-game damage effects.

4. Test drive Unlimited 2

Test drive Unlimited 2 is sequel to test drive unlimited. It is a massively open online racing game where players can get online and share their racing thirst with rest of the world. It blends the experience of single and multi-player racing, creating a world of racing challenges. Up to 8 players can join the session at a time which further spice up the racing experience. The game is set in the Mediterranean island of Ibiza with over 2,000 miles of roadway and back roads. The game includes new vehicles with massive customization, striking locations.

test drive unlimited 2 Top 10 Expected PC Games of 2011

TDU2 will also offer free downloadable content DLC for vehicle packs, clothe packs, furniture pack and much more. You will be able to customize your avatar looks, pick different club logo, and furnish your home. New racing tricks and stunts further add value to the game. Getting your damaged car repaired manually, handling of car during racing, turning signals, exclusive vehicles, convertible roofs adds real racing experience to the game.

5. GTA 5

GTA series which is famous for its action, adventure, driving, and occasional role-playing, stealth and racing elements is planning to come up with its new installment in the series ; GTA 5. GTA 5 is expected to be released by the end of 2010 or the beginning of 2011. The game is expected to stay on top of the charts throughout 2011.

gta 5 Top 10 Expected PC Games of 2011

6. Hitman 5

Hitman 5 is to be released by the end of 2010 or the beginning of 2011, taking agent 47 in whole new direction. Also news came via page 17 of an Edios report claiming that the new Hitman 5 is in development. Hitman 5 is the fifth installment in the Hitman game series. It has been confirmed by the IO Community Manager that the game will not follow a story based on the movie.

hitman 5 Top 10 Expected PC Games of 2011

7. Mass Effect 3

According to the project director Casey Hudson Mass Effect 3 is in its early stages of development. However, it has been confirmed that game is to be announced by late 2011. Casey Hudson latest interview with MTV revealed certain details about the upcoming Mass effect 3. The game is supposed to have an epic conclusion, which is overwhelming. Hudson also told MTV that there are about 1000 variables that are already lined up for variations in the new chapter. After quantifying the variables in the story line, Hudson has exaggerated the pre release hype for the game. Putting a huge divergence in the final chapter of trilogy would be a remarkable thing to do, from which we can sense more twist in the upcoming game.

mass effect 3 Top 10 Expected PC Games of 2011

So far revealed, the game is expected to have Richer RPG features, more combat options and more complex enemies. The developers seriously need to work at RPG features and combats as they weren’t very appealing in the ME2. We can expect that ME3 to be an excellent role playing experience, something that was quite missing in the Mass Effect 2.

8. Max Payne 3

Rock star games, which are famous for the max Payne, midnight club and grand theft auto are going to release Max Payne 3 in 2011. The game is sequel to Max Payne a shooter video game which was released in the year 2001. A reason of fame for this game is the bullet time mode where the bullet time is slowed down to such an extent that it could be seen with naked eye.

max payne 3 Top 10 Expected PC Games of 2011

Storyline: Max Payne 3 begins with a new chapter of Max Payne, a New York City police officer who is now 12 years older and he has left NYPD, the guy is shown in new attire where he is bald and he has grown beard. The game will be plotted in Brazil where Max is working for a private security company.

9. Portal 2

We all have fond memories of Portal, whether they are of extreme happiness after completing a level or punching your computer screen because you kept on failing.I use the word memories because I have never went back to portal after completing it because I knew what to do on every level. But now that Portal 2 is coming out, I can’t wait to fill my mind with new memories! With more puzzles, more levels and more hilarious voice acting it sure will shape up to be a great game. You’ll be jumping through hoops to play it…. (Bad joke).

portal 2 Top 10 Expected PC Games of 2011

10. Star Wars the Old Republic

One of the best RPG’s that I have ever played is now going MMO. Many people are calling it the ‘WoW Killer’ and with the exceptional work gone into Biowares other games like The Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect it’s hard to see how anything can go wrong. The unique and expansive world of Star Wars is a great gaming environment as we have seen in other attempts to successfully make a good Star Wars MMO. Star Wars Galaxies was the last Star Wars MMO but it failed because of poor player support.

swtor Top 10 Expected PC Games of 2011

But Bioware, as we all know do have some MMO experience, like Warhammer online, which did have its flaws but was a really great game in my eyes. Bioware are experts in incorporating in depth and enthralling character conversations into their games which is something they have put into Star Wars the Old Republic. The game is due for release in Q1/Q2 of 2011.

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  • cammy

    wit about cod black ops

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    tko zna kako instalirati .. loša company2

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    call of duty black ops to be released on november 10, 2010

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    Guild Wars 2!

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    ugh. I am not a lick excited about this stuff. Video games are now coming out like movies? just washing and repeating old titles. Hitman 5 ? really? Keep that on consoles. Gta 5? Gta is dieing out, it shows in game sales. Test drive, I am not into racing games never will be. Never got into Crysis 1. Diablo 3 will be good but will be drowned out by activisions money gandering ideas. Prob make you pay for a certain weapon with your credit card, because they are that greedy. They will prob do the same with Cod Black ops, even though cod is a hack motivater in the first place. {hack as in talentless not computer term]

  • dUdette_yoes

    yeah. how about TOP-10-EXPECTED-PC-GAMES-2011-THAT-ARE-ONLY-5.

    and; why is this 2011? we haven't finished the mid year of 2010!

    and also; DiABLO iii all the way dudes! and dudettes. (well im a 'dudette' so yea — whateva.)

  • dUdette_yoes

    and anyone whos saying that girls cant do what boys do — well ur wrong! or atleast not-that-fully-wrong.

    wtvr. duh.

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    author's just a FREAC and cant count properly.

    i mean like duh.

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    Err… Hole* not whole, the first one >_<

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  • Hamidsmart111

    oh waiting for gta 5,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,can anyone tell me what would be the minimum requirements to run the game…………………

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    cant wait for hitman


    idiot… the next gta won’t be GTA 5, and its not even anaunced


    FU.CK YOU!!! no 1 knows about this fkn game… idiot


    I’m Brandonmorris: “I’m a geek… i’m an old geek… I need to sound smarter than normal geeks… I’ll try to speak like a smart guy…”

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    Dragon Age II isn’t listed?

  • dimitris

    NO NO NO!!!!
    TOP 10 IS:
    2)-KILLZNOE 2
    3)-CALL OF DUTY 6
    4)-LEFT FOR DEAD 2

  • LALA


  • Worsewicked

    Dude, i completely agree with you! Except TDU2 will be a racing game with a twist, it’s like a sndbox racing game, online! the possibilities are endless with it, also, anybody got any idea about multiplayer mods for Just Cause 2, i actually can’t wait for one to be published!


    how old are you ? u r just a normal troll and everyone here should have pity on ur low brain level just go sleep with ur daddy will ya?

  • Brogan

    Can’t wait for Hitman 5!

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    Where the heck is gears of War 3??

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    cod black ops released dudeeee enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Mrunmay4

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    blooodddd geek u dnt knw abt gta and commenting to hamiddd blloody asshole

  • Bnhjk

    Portal 2 is one of my favorites for next year.

  • Codlover

    No cod black ops comes on
    November the 9th

  • syirenia

    A top 10 list with only 7 entries? really? …

  • Robotdinosaurs

    crysis 2 is xbox only. this dude hasnt done his research i didnt read the whole article

  • Christoffer Bader

    Yeah, I almost can’t wait! 10th of February!

    Are you from Denmark? Your name sound so Danish :)

  • Julie Young

    The x box cant handle crysis 2? Who are you trying to fool.

  • Nevada10

    why dont u go and learn some manners

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    diablo 3 best example of REAL playing game lol maybe u ment role

  • Stipeno1

    kupis original i instaliras

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    How could duke nukem forever not be no.1!!!!!!!!!!

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    Waiting patiently for Deus Ex 3

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    plz release gta5 as soon as…………im waiting for it ………..since 1year,……………

  • Gowher

    crysis 2 at top i dont like this game gta 4 is the best game ever gta 5 will be better

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    wheres Guild Wars 2 wtf

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    For someone who hates trolls you are surprisingly trollish e.g. poor spelling, stupid remarks and hypocritical I think we have another troll on our hands!

  • dota 2

    wheres dota 2 by valve?

  • Anon

    Dead Space 2
    Witcher 2

  • proka

    jel ima negde fm 2011 preko torrenta???

  • shashwat

    how we install this games for free

  • satish

    Wow is there any chance of adding assassin’s creed brotherhood?????? i like that game a lot :)

  • satish

    Wow is there any chance of adding assassin’s creed brother hood/?????? i like that game a lot :)

  • Izaacstpierre

    Agreed! Activision are greedy for money, hope they don’t destroy diablo 3 for me.

  • Izaacstpierre

    Agreed! Activision are greedy for money, hope they don’t destroy diablo 3 for me.

  • Tipuvava

    COD Black ops PC Version release date postponed
    PES 2011 released amazing game
    MOH taliban that’s good very short and eazy levels

  • Gamatoi
  • Gamatoi
  • Keesemayaz

    I thought crysis 2 was already released? says so in top 10 pc games of 2010

  • Guest

    Thats 5

  • Guest

    Up with Guild Wars 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Hey Guys this is all wrong this is the WORST 5 pc games of 2011.

  • coolcat110992

    Black Ops comes out 2010.

  • cooldude

    Waiting desperately for WOW:CATACLYSM.

  • cooldude

    SHit list man where is WOW?????????????????????????????????????????

  • Dou0004

    Mortal Kombat?
    Marvel vs Capcom?

    This list is fail.

  • Gem

    You should add more to this list to make it an actual top 10.

    >>> Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood <<<
    Dragon Age 2
    Witcher 2

  • José

    Well, with that spelling, it is clear that the people who look forward to COD:BO are probably about as smart as a rock. Learn so that you aren’t an idiot. But for you.. good luck.

  • Ss

    thats 2010

  • Jim

    Its a real shame, the state that the English Language has been reduced to; being abused daily by the “local genius” as they incorrectly spell the words they could get correct, if they listened in school, and indeed if the teachers could do their jobs. =P

    What about Brink? That’s going to be an awesome 2010/2011 title. Along with RAGE, that’s an unmissable 2011 title for anyone who likes Fallout. Both by Bethesda! Hurray for Bethesda. =3

  • BlackPete

    New York is two words…

  • Cirris

    How about Guild Wars 2?? Everyone who has touched the play demos at E3 and Gamescon having been raving about it. From the youtube videos I’ve watch it looks amazing.

  • Anonymous

    You have mistaken, GTA 5 is not going to release in 2011. They haven’t even made an announcement; they haven’t started doing any solid work on it. Even if they start today, they won’t be able to release it anytime next year.

  • Kevindaae

    Star Wars The Old Republic? Its comming in 2011.

  • g33k

    Cool GTA 5 and Max Payne 3. I can not wait.

  • Ivan Whitebone

    Deus Ex 3! I mean………c’m…own.

  • registrycleaner

    GTA 5 is not going to release in 2011.

  • Eyal

    you get into bad game!

  • haris

    enjoy the game…………

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  • Bobby

    cammy, you idiot! read the headline!

  • Risvankbasheer

    gta 5????????????????????????????/

  • Risvankbasheer

    hitman is dead know

  • cod sucks

    the only reason everyone thinks cod is so awesome is cause it is such a long line of games.
    if you really look between cod and other shooters you will see lots of bad things in every single cod.
    this is because it comes out every single half year or something and they dont have time to test the game for mistakes, bugs and other sort of bad things.

    this is why i think that COD sucks.

  • Joy_893

    every game will rock man, especially gta 5,max payne 3,hitman5,mass effect 3

  • Venet

    fool cod black ops is 2010


    What about planetside next from SOE? did they release a date for “release”?

  • Dominikhugo

    CO TO JEST!!!

  • Dominikhugo

    kuba ciupa!!!

  • Keano007

    just because you surivied an abortion don’t say it sucks!!! COD is better than you and your whole stupid puss obviously there is ganna be some bad stuff so just go home and master bate you fuck head!!! hahaha bicth its Keano007

  • Skidrow

    Black Ops FAIL!

    I’ll wait for ME3, Crysis2 and Diablo3 Grrrr…


    Super mario RULES!

  • Matthew_phan

    I expected Ghost Recon: Future Soldier to be on the list. D:

  • Frogger

    awesome games. Im looking for to GTA5!

  • Lorena

    thief 4 most of all

  • ZeusLZ

    wtf man batman and transformers how old are u
    WROLD OF WARCRAFT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cutekitty_muflihah

    macam mane nak maen

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  • Best Laptops 2011

    Ugh! This post gave me a sudden urge to buy another gaming rig!

  • Garymcarrolljr

    Black oPS sucks wastwe of money

  • Rockon_247

    I am so pumped for Mass Effect 3 and Elder Scrolls 5!!!

    Portal 2 also looks sick!

    But those two games… Ugh, I’m jizzing already

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  • Hegodis Clech


    Metal Gear Rising sun 2011
    call of duty 2011
    medal of honor 2011
    star wars the force unleashed 3
    Battlefield Bad Company 3
    Resident Evil 6
    Dirt 3
    End War 2
    Need for Speed 2011
    Hawx 3
    ……………………………….y otros que estare Programando para ustedes. ja

  • Anonymous

    Seems the Max Payne 3 is cool and stimulated enough! I’d like to get and have a try!!
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  • Eric


  • Debjoytiganguly

    helooooooo!!!!! i am raj………i am waiting for mass effect-3 …..2nd part was awesom…………………

  • Afnan6251

    TOP Games

    GTA ,5AC Brotherhood,
    Max Payne 3,Crysis 2,Hitman 5,Prototype 2,MASS EFFECT 3,Portal 2,Dialbo3

  • Killerfishmonkey

    Anyone else think that Descent should be remade for the PC?
    also.. why is it that we PC gamers spend up to $4000 for our PC? well.. because our pc can trans code videos, hold millions of pictures videos and games, upgrade to the next best much easier. not to mention easier to mod software and hardware.. the mouse is WAY more accurate than a controller especially if you have a gaming mouse. then there are macros, and online communities travel multi platform now PC and MAC. Xbox 360 has 3 cores, Playstation has 8 and can use 7 cores, my PC has 4 cores and 240 cores in video X2 in SLI

  • Notvalid

    Guild Wars 2 !!

  • sinpher

    Isn’t Rage by Id? Regardless both bethesda and Id are owned by zenimax media, Brink, Rage and elder scrolls skyrim for zenimax media. Also Brink is being published by bethesda, developed by splash damage.

  • SoulhunterZz

    Where is BLACK OPS?

  • John Pykett


  • Jm__oteph

    What are the pc system requirements of those new games?

  • Dernemac

    its already out.. FOOL

  • Dernemac

    Dead space 2 is one classic you guys haven’t thought of otherwise the rest a aight

  • giedrius

    my is game is life :D NICE

  • Roy_gommans

    is Rage a like Fallout? I never really played Fallout series, But I love the Elder Scrolls Series^^, so I might try this one.
    And Cammy COD BO is Released for about……2, 1/5 months ago xD besides there will come a New COD in 2011 as far as I know, and Assassins Creed number 3, and my Favourite…….The Elder Scrolls Skyrim! Hell Yea!!

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  • Zika_bi94


  • Mvon1

    because the later CoD games are complete bullshit, no originality anymore, simply shoot, reload, shoot. Want a good fps? Doom or the F.E.A.R series.

  • Volac

    SW TOR

  • Roshan Thirupathy

    It came out 3 months ago idiot.

  • SDaaRD

    Whats wrong with hitman huh? Too complex for you?

  • «¥??? ?1??†???3»

    all u bunch of limp shits….it supoosed tu comment da new games not startin eatin each oders asses fuck ya lame pplz….i think da games r hell gud

  • Mike

    THE WITCHER 2?????????

  • Asdasdad

    assassins creed broterhood

  • R4 DS

    Diablo 3 is not a release.Also 2011 who the hell wants to touch you when Dragon Age Witcher. This list will be published. storm of bullets, Crysis 2, the upcoming expansion DOW2 .. 2011 The road to hell is full of epicness.

  • R4 DS

    Diablo 3 is not a release.Also 2011 who the hell wants to touch you when Dragon Age Witcher. This list will be published. storm of bullets, Crysis 2, the upcoming expansion DOW2 .. 2011 The road to hell is full of epicness.

  • steve

    Elder scrolls, never liked it, never will. Where is dragon age 2 in all this?

  • Sergiuorza12

    the best game from 2011 is gone be assasin’s creed brotherhood for PC

  • Alexander ness

    THIS LIST IS AWSOME! TO HE’LL WITH BAD GAMES LIKE COD AND OTHER “N00b Popular Games” To many out ther who call them self gamers, who never seen a great game.

  • Sandeeplover

    I like the Hitman, GTA and MAX PAYNE. COMMON DUDE COMING SOON.

  • Oko

    its in 2010

  • Albania_sniper

    i love mass effect 2 i hope mass effect 3 will be as better like 2 i love mass effect the best game in the world (K)

  • Aea Ess

    bad company.. ne losa kompanija … googlaj

  • Mightyhilt

    its out black ops long ago.

  • gust

    what about rift now this game might beat world of warcraft

  • Anoonimo

    Gta 5 will shit there idiots bastards

  • Taz

    like to find these on Face Book!

  • Murugesh Murugeshh

    kojo india

  • Murugesh Murugeshh


  • Silent Dogwood

    What about Bioshock Infinite?

  • Crossfyrekid

    crysis 2 is xbox only but i didnt read the whole article?wtf?kinda stupid are we?

    then read the whole article and learn its for all consoles and the mighty pc as well.
    i cant believe how pathetic these looser’s are(including you too) that are too lazy to read a 3 paragraph article.

  • Crossfyrekid

    anyway,why comment on a list of possible games to “maybe” be released ?
    heres a thought,write down your wanted top 10 for 2011 list:

    1.mass effect 3
    2.crysis 2
    3.)deadspace 2
    4.)stalker 4
    5.)metro 2033 continued
    6.)ghost recon future soldier
    7.)battlefield bad company 3
    8.)a good C.O.D game with EPIC single player campaign
    9.)a good MMO ,without 50 million 12 yr olds –WOW SUCKS…..

  • Anfornius

    OMG. Stop speaking about things you don´t know. Since CoD 2 It´s every year not half year BUT single studio makes a single CoD just once every two years (till now there were two studios making CoD). And two years are much time to test the game and find bugs but its shitty because they don´t know how to make a good multiplayer like Bad company 2

  • Hirok


  • Secretosolo

    GTA 5 Is realy does nothing month’s agost?

  • BumbleBritches57

    i hope Star Wars The Old Republic, won’t have to pay a monthly fee, if so, i won’t play.

    i think it’s ridiclous to have to buy a game AND have to pay a monthly fee.

  • libin

    gta5 cominggggggggg yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Michaelsalvadorsb

    i think CoD:BO is the best game for this year….:)

  • Michaelsalvadorsb


  • Paolo

    there a nba 2k11 and cod black ops…..

  • Me

    what about f1 2011

  • Handaru Dibya

    do you have link for download TDU 2 ???

  • soar

    when is the release of diablo 3

  • RandomGuy3

    Came out in 2010 maybe?

  • Cursed 666

    It is, but in November-December

  • Chandru Kollur

    yes no cod black ops game of the year

  • Fake Mail

    Blizzard dont (Jay Willson) want to tell :(

  • Fake Mail

    definitely the new elder off scrolls but D3 is awsome <3

  • nub

    it’s 2010?

  • Mathieu Lachance

    Whats about deux ex 3 rage and Duke Nukem forever

  • Buba_0819

    wow nice :)

  • Ashenwillice

    black ops was out in 2010

  • Shafibhai4

    kutha musuko

  • Lynxaleb

    i have cod black ops already .. just download at web for free ..

  • Dabizness

    what about Dead Space 2.

  • Daniel

    swap “Star Wars the Old Republic” with “Dead Space 2″

    —> Then its better list ;)

    PS: Like it so far!
    PPS: Maybe GW2? Or no MMORPG?

  • perito

    cod is the best game ever done.

  • Kuro

    why dragon age 2 isn’t on the list

  • Nuhaskhan_100

    Nice game Hitman

  • Wahab_777

    very bad asss

  • pc gamer

    Nice list – the ones I’m looking forward to the most are Skyrim, Diablo 3 and Mass Effect 3.

    I notice you didn’t include Dragon Age II, I’m looking forwards to that probably even more than Diablo 3, since I think it will have more depth and a better story instead of just endless monster slaying like Diablo…

    Also Guild Wars 2 should be pretty awesome as well.

  • Negativecre3p

    no, pirating is ridiculous. you cant expect top quality games, with constant updates that can just be ripped and mounted as an iso to be given out for free (if you know what your doing)

    my suggestion sir, is play games with less content, or get a job and fork out the .50 cents a day. what you dont have a right to do, is complain you dont get the best entertainment for free.

  • KNU31-1012id32


  • Daniel

    Witcher 2 will rule the offline and GW2 the online market!!!!
    Watch the vids on YT!!!

  • anonymos 1705

    Black ops is 2010 dumb ass

  • Whydouneed2know

    cod clack ops really suck, modern warfare 2 is a lot better

  • Sharmota_Egy

    Hitman 5

  • Udaraka14


  • Toniwassof

    Hi i am toni wassouf this site so nice

  • homebrew for wii

    Ahh i can’t wait for portal 2 it’s gonna be amazingg



  • Trixster

    Black ops is already out.
    This is just games expected in 2011 ..

  • OddGreen

    Diablo 3, Hitman 5, and Max Payne 3. Best here. and maybe… GTA 5

  • Bilal Afzal99

    hitman is back guys.waoooooooooooo!enjoy

  • Bilal Afzal99

    hitman is back guys.waoooooooooooo!enjoy

  • Snake

    Good games

  • pragun

    nice games

  • Neravarine

    Witcher 2, Dragon age 2 ???

  • Ji_mys

    call of duty black ops multiplayer is the worst fps multiplayer…even it seems that cool on youtube…it doesn’t worth it’s money for sure

  • I [hart] battlefield

    sad that battlefield didnt pripere anithing for 2011

  • Drake

    Gta 5 lol It’s Gta IV

  • Aviverma68

    then when

  • Wish

    Lol, I think Dragon Age 2 is more expected than The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim… But that’s just my opinion :)

  • Zff haa

    fuck off

  • Delanegill


  • Delanegill

    Black ops is 2010, this is 2011 dipshit

  • Delanegill

    Dude you I respect

  • Cod is shit

    cod sucks it is all the same thing. Shoot reload shoot and then you have a fucken baby tantrum because you died

  • Jongbomj

    crysis 2 epic……

  • Sarbjite
  • Games crazy

    Awesome game

  • Brambouwhuis

    Black ops sucks -.-”

  • Omidaminy

    what about medal of honor 2011

  • Sajal Debnath

    It is a Gift of Haven.

  • jimmy

    Now it’s time to Crysis 2 after enjoying free sniper ghost warrior from here

  • jimmy

    Yeah Call of duty black ops also a great game which i got from here

  • o.O


  • Joco_bios

    how to download gta 5 torrent

  • Sa Yessinio

    fuck black ops , worst game company ever treyarch….


    I WANT:MORTAL COMBAT 2 shaolin monks (I AM TO IRAN)

  • Asheesh

    mc bc madarchod bhenchod

  • Pradeep Kumar

    valvo rocks

  • Leon Cooper

    I’m really said about The Old Republic. I love the series and really would have appreciated a third installment possibly with DLC content like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I can’t stand MMO’s; aside from spending money monthly just so you can play online with people (again, don’t care for it as I prefer in-person co-op) the game usually ends up having a never-ending “storyline” that’s really weak compared to what it could be if it was a regular RPG with a beginning, middle and end.

    They’re smart because they’ll make a ton of money but I think that it should have been a regular story-based game with tons of DLC and the ability to connect directly with friends and play co-op. Final Fantasy Echoes of Time did that and despite being a rather shallow game it was extremely fun to be able to play with a select group of friends cooperatively.

  • Leon Cooper

    I’m really said about The Old Republic. I love the series and really would have appreciated a third installment possibly with DLC content like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I can’t stand MMO’s; aside from spending money monthly just so you can play online with people (again, don’t care for it as I prefer in-person co-op) the game usually ends up having a never-ending “storyline” that’s really weak compared to what it could be if it was a regular RPG with a beginning, middle and end.

    They’re smart because they’ll make a ton of money but I think that it should have been a regular story-based game with tons of DLC and the ability to connect directly with friends and play co-op. Final Fantasy Echoes of Time did that and despite being a rather shallow game it was extremely fun to be able to play with a select group of friends cooperatively. You get to experience the comradery of playing without paying monthly. It’s mainly only an issue because MMO’s have their growth scaled way down so that you really have to play for quite a while to experience the majority of the game which seems like a better value until you realize how much time you’ve wasted grinding and how little of the storyline you actually get.

  • RasTa

    cod black ops??

  • alex

    is these all working?

  • Fghfghfghfghgfhghgh

    It has come out

  • Toscotech

    and DEUS EX 3

  • Mohsin

    Awesome gta 5 is coming. .Wat would be d system requirements..?

  • Dj_ShOrTy

    Leam avut pe toate !!! :D

  • Devon-haist

    red orchestra heroes of stalingrad is going to wipe all of these and black ops off the boards, it is going to be the most realistic world war 2 game of all time

  • obama

    GTA 5??
    out d??

  • GuyWhoGoesBoom!

    Portal 2 should be in top 3.
    And Max Payne is not made by Rockstar games, They only published it and their making the third.

  • Mylol

    it’s not good …

  • 7ak3d0nn3r

    Crysis is soooooooo coooooooool but GTA IV isnt expected

  • Peter Bryan Castle

    what about Duke Nukem Forever?

  • Pepino1297

    i wanna play max payne 3 and hitman 5 GTA 5 to and Diablo III

  • GuyWhoGoesBoom!

    This sucks, they turned Max into a yank cod pussy with his “Badass” beard.
    Yeah, now he looks rough.
    They ruined it.

    From these i expect the most are:Portal 2, Mass Effect 3,The Old Republic and Diablo 3.

    U forgot Deus Ex btw.

    Crysis was a dissapointment, as expected. Same shit in a nicer box.

    Im going to try Hitman 5, i liked that game.

    Test Drive Unlimited is bullshit.

    Elder Scrolls is interesting, but why is it in the top ?

    GTA is going to be the same as IV, GTA is good but not as good as they say. Its the same shit.

    Mass Effect will be a very good game, of course we can never know if they fuck up.

    Hopefully not.

  • GuyWhoGoesBoom!

    Oh, and fuck MW 3.
    Fuck it to hell. You put it here, anywhere.
    I will ninja ur ass.

  • Jr112394

    Brink??? Rage???

  • Jheniferdaiany

    oi como faco para jogar

  • Jheniferdaiany

    Meu marido e viciado em jogos tem alguma cura pra isso!

  • 0719843812

    Like I did you mother!!!!!!!!!FYI She loved it in the ass!

  • 075648551

    No Shit Hey!!!!!

  • Hitmerulz

    Why isnt black ops there?!?!?!

  • GuyWhoGoesBoom!

    Brink sucks.
    Black Ops sucks, and it came out 2010.
    You did forget Rage.

  • GuyWhoGoesBoom!

    Oh and…
    …We have waited for Duke Nukem for 10 years… AND ITS NOT ON THIS FUCKING LIST !
    It seems that this is the top 10 most over rated games of 2011.
    Theres some good games, but still.

  • mamamajani

    where is the dirt 3?

  • MW3

    Black Ops was 2010

  • Ranjaka

    But where is the assassine’s creed?

  • Ranjaka

    But where is the assassine’s creed?

  • Zeshan1153

    good games

  • Felicclinton

    where can I get these games free

  • miksu

    battlefield 3 ? where is that and rockstar is not the main developer of max payne. just for this game

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    waiting for GTA 5 ……….

  • Gabz_56

    is this true..? are all this games coming out this year.?

  • Jardel94

    this is the top of most expected game of 2011 hahh funy

  • Neinteresant

    and what about deus ex 3, that’s suppose to be released in august ’11 ?

  • Dazilus

    Guild Wars 2 will cause a global “hey boss i feeling sick… i cant go in this week” effect too… :D

  • CloakAndPoke

    Hey all,
    great list it really is. But do not take this the wrong way. As this is just my opinion.
    SWtOR is the real “WoW killer”. (this comming from a 6 year raiding rogue.) and in my opinion that allone should get you to the #1 spot. To explain (befor the flamming starts) Blizzard is huge, they have more cash flow the 50% of the country’s world wide. So i think if anyone can make a game beating them from their +/-10 year reihn. All gamers should fear the addictive powers of a game called a “wow killer” on several sites. And ofc i’m a lil buyest coz i’m already making a guild in SWtOR. but non the less, a100% spoken MMO is onheard of coz EVERY MAKER SAID its not afforteble. Now one company is saying, IS IT NOW! If this flops its bye bye Lucas art (or who is paying for it). And if it does not flop.. well.. Expect a mothly subscription for SC2 and Diablo3 in around Q1, Q2 or Q3.

    H8 me for this post?
    Wanna go 1v1 in counterstrike (any version you want)
    maybe wanna go SC1 or 2 to settle this?
    We could go 1v1 arena in wow to show who is boss.
    As long as you do not have +2000h competitive gaming hours in any of these fields be nice any way, coz i make a living in E-sports and love to prove my point in-game not on forums. (stil like the list tho!!)



    I trow a 1v1 game for some good cookie’s!!

  • Ajith14310

    update new games pls

  • Zanellagio

    que podre esse jogos!só pode ser o top 10 dos piores,se liga nego

  • Dabol124

    Woooot? no Bf3? No assasins creed Brotherhood ?

  • R4t98

    i cant wait for mass effect 3 and skyrim

  • Filipe

    fuck you

  • ted

    where is witcher 2!!!!!!!!

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  • Moataz

    black ops is a great game but first it was relased 2010 second it was in the top 10 2010

  • Cosmin_aruxandei

    WOW!!! gta 5????? coool!!!

  • NotafuckingretardlikeJim

    Ah yes, another idiot trying to blame stuff on the teachers. Damn those overpaid teachers with their ’93 chevy corsicas! Damn them all!

  • Nesvarbu

    i think u fogot something… BATTLEFIELD 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ady_angel5

    guys battlefield 3 is will come in this year…..and black ops is demoted u cna delete ;)

  • Vandals Cris

     cod black ops is the 2010  but it apareas in 2011

  • Samirbhosle1985


  • Samirbhosle1985


  • Samirbhosle1985


  • Puto_rick

    gta 5???


  • Snip3r

    just release the dibalo 3 please

  • Saif amin

    it wll b funnnnnnnn….,

  • Memet 165

    yes games :)

  • Memet 165

    yes games :)

  • Chris

    LOL Diablo 3 will be released on 2024 not before……..

  • Never Read

    Well – this sure was wrong eh?

  • Zazas ;p

    TDU2 :P

  • Volfang

    after WoW Cata I’m done with mmorpg
    I try some first shooter game like Medal of Honor 2010
    but I already quit to play cuz is full of cheaters
    now im stuck with Men of War. Assault Squad
    and World in Conflict I’m getting bored fast
    I still looking for a decent video game
    2011 list doesn’t look very good

  • Anonymous

    The top 10 computer games are really wonderful ,I like them.

  • muhamad daffa

    aku pingin jadi mayor 3mas:by:daffa

  • Rohit_motwani2001

    whem is gta 5 coming out

  • Dennis

    and what aboud Call Of Duty: Moderen Warfare 3?

  • Rizwan

    wait about game bad company 3. 25 oct

  • Tomgeerts_viola

    you mean cod mw 3 black ops is a 2010 game :P but idd its a great game aswell

  • Tomgeerts_viola

    and what abaot minecraft

  • CTMC

    wasnt black ops released in 2010 ? :)

  • Thoalexman

    black ops got out at 2010

  • Tom Kwakkenbos

    it sucks!

  • Reimundo94

    Wher is Modern Warfare 3, Need for speed  the run. Dead Space 2, Mortal Combat Legacy…….. ??

  • Sofian Fourar

    so hate

  • Jason_rudeboyz

    marvel vs capcom 3  fate of to world in pc  what  year  release

  • Jason_rudeboyz

    marvel vs capcom 3  fate of to world in pc  what  year  release

  • &&&ANDY&&&

    WTF GTA 5 come out year 2012 at end or at start i dont know

  • Evind99

    I think cod mw 2 should be there but where in hell is cod mw 3? NNNOOOOOBBB

  • Evind99

    oh i forgot battlefield 2 vietnam and battlefield 3 they kick portal 2′s ass

  • Evind99

    we havent come to 2012 fucking jurk

  • Evind99

    yeah cod mw3 should be there and dead space 2

  • Evind99


  • coolcat110992=noob!

    coolcat no it did not!

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  • Aurora

     skyrim is best game ever but my computer is too bad to play it

  • Wander_kpoT

    kkkkk gta 5 idiot this is gta 4 with car dumb!!!

  • Zvonimir

    bad company 2 

  • Anca Diaconu D
  • Edwinchan

    noob pc game

  • Shkssber

    hitman 5

  • Anonymous

    Really great list. I having above all the games. But i like to play most of the Diablo III which i have completed in 72 hours. 

  • Anca Diaconu D   new MJ game…beautiful

  • TheDirector

    black ops for fat nerdy kids

  • Anonymous

    I like the Diablo which is my favorite games all the time. call of duty black ops is also my favorite. I have completed this game in 62 hours with my friend as multi player.
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    Diablo 3 my favorite game among them. I having all series of Diablo. I wish that i will enjoy its new series as soon as .
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  • Saugis3

    MAX PINE 3 kull game osam:D

  • Nurullah Ars

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    these games are so exciting……

  • geq ot negroto

    black ops camed out 2010

  • Anonymous

    I’ve played some of them:)

  • Ronaldgarde97

     bagay nalang bad bad company man ka diha!!!

  • nayr

    amo ngani

  • Anonymous

    these games are so wonderful and I want to play each of them…….

  • painkiller

    Battlefield 3, oct 2011 pc only , no steam so you get, bigger servers,better conn.,better graphics,better fps and NO childlike console facebook approach to gaming.

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