Top 10 Expected PC Games of 2010

By | October 4th, 2009

1. Crysis 2

Crysis 2 is a sequel to crysis, a multiplayer game, and is expected to be released in 2010. Crysis 2 is a science fiction shooting video game which is made in the future probably in 2010 after the a discovery of a spaceship from an island in the south china sea. The crysis runs on the game engine 2, where as the crysis 2 would be the first game to use the game engine 3. There has been no information about the story line of the crysis 2, but according to some brochure the game will be set four years after the events of crysis. The game is expected to be much better than then the crysis.

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops

Black Ops is the seventh installment of Call of Duty sequel and comes in line after much appreciated Modern Warfare 2. According to the developer company, Teryarch, the game will be much better than its predecessor; Modern Warfare 2. Good news for games lovers; Black Ops prestige edition comes with a remote control spy vehicle that is the exact replica of the one you’ll be using in the game. Read Black Ops Complete Review

black ops Top 10 Expected PC Games of 2010

3. Splinter Cell Conviction

Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction is the fifth sequel to the splinter cell series; the game is announced to be released in the first quarter of 2010. The game has already been delayed several times, it was supposed to be released in July 2009 but the release date is further moved on to first quarter of 2010.

The story unfold in the real time projected in the environment, Sam has changed a lot and had became more fast and brutal. The game is a solo mission where Sam has abandoned NSA and now is after the killers of his daughter, at first he thought that his daughter death was an accident that happened at the beginning of splinter cell double agent but soon it turned out that she was killed.

4. Singularity

Singularity is an upcoming science fiction video game to be released in year 2010. The game mainly focuses on the mechanics of time manipulation device, it’s a technique with the help of which you can move objects through time, you can go in the future or the past and you can also use it as a powerful multifunctional weapon. The main functions of time manipulation device are Revert, Age, Stasis, and Impulse. The game takes place in year 2010 on a mysterious island where different scientific experiments are happening.

5. Bios shock 2

BioShock 2 is an upcoming first-person shooter video game the game will release in January 2010. The game revolves around the big daddy, a character with super speed and intelligence as compared to other big daddies. Game is plotted in the year 1970, 10 years after the bioshock, where, there are several notifications made about the kidnapping of young girls and the kidnappers are witnessed with certain distinct characteristics. One of the single attackers is the big sister who is kidnapping young girls and turns them in to creatures like her.

6. Mass Effect 2

Mass effect 2 is a stunning sci-fi role playing game which is announced to be released in the first month of 2010. Mass effect take place 2 year after the mass effect and the choice that player made in the mass effect would carry over into the mass effect 2. The game will feature new alien species which are supposed be the best assassin in the galaxy.

mass effect 2 Top 10 Expected PC Games of 2010

There are huge changes made to the weapons, The Commander Shepard has been upgraded with new cool heavy weaponry guided missiles and new and smooth combat techniques. The game design has been upgraded, besides several new planetary exploration vehicles are added.

7. Dark Void

Dark void is a Sci-fi action adventure game the game revolves around a cargo pilot name William Augustus Grey who crashes in the mystic Bermuda triangle from there he is teleported to other parallel universe where he encounters other human survivors. William and the other survivors must battle with an alien race know as watcher to return to the Earth.

8. Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian twilight

Command and conquer is one of the best real time strategy game, the command and conquer 4 is announced to be released in 2010; some trailer have already been released in July 2009. The command and conquer 4 is considered to be an online game whether you are playing the single mission or the skirmishes, EA is thinking about the offline game mode too.

cnc 4 Top 10 Expected PC Games of 2010

Like the previous command and conquer the player is required to construct his own base, create an army, continuously funding the base and attacking the opponents base. It is said that the game is different then the previous command and conquer.

9. Fifa 2010

Fifa 10 in the upcoming release of football video game. The game release has been delayed several times. Each regional version of the fifa will display different players on the cover; there are 30 leagues and over 500 teams in fifa 10, as well as 41 national teams. New FIFA 10 is the Russian Premier League, which has so far only been officially confirmed for the PC version.

fifa 10 Top 10 Expected PC Games of 2010

10. Star Craft II

Star craft 2, also know as Wings of liberty is a military science fiction strategy game. The game is announced to be released in first half of year 2010. Set In the 26th century in the distant part of Milky Way galaxy, the game moves around the three species named Terran, Protoss, Zerg.

The game mainly focuses on the Terran, the game is plotted for the year after the star craft. The star craft is designed for ultimate competitive strategy. Like star craft the star craft 2 is heavily designed for multiplayer. In star craft 2 some additional functions have been added like, the replay function, which allows players to record and review past games.

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  • flopsy

    Isn't FIFA 10 already out? Last time I checked, it's still 2009. Agreed, Jawad could do with a proofreader, but there's nothing more amusing than seeing a commentator criticize someone's spelling and grammar, only to make the same heinous mistakes in their own comment.

  • Greasy

    yea,i guess FIFA 10 is out, it shouldn't be there on the list.

  • abdulrahman683

    Cant wait for Command and Conquer

  • Greasy

    my all time favorite..

  • abdulrahman683

    yeah its, awesome…

  • CrazyCanuck

    Can't believe you've missed Duke Nukem Forever…The most anticipated game in…well forever.

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  • Smelly Bum

    What about

    Halo 3 (PC)
    GOW 2 (PC)
    Test Drive unlimited 2

  • Starcraft 2

    Must-See Trailers; Xbox360 Exclusive; PC Games of 2009; Must-Have PS3 Games; Must-Have PSP Games Loading Upcoming Games of 2009 – I; Upcoming Games of 2009 – II; Upcoming Games of 2009 – III; Top 10 Video Games of 2008 Loading Top 5 Browsers; Video Players; Audio Players; Antivirus/Security

    Crackdown 2 Expected in Early 2010 Techtree News Staff, Dec 25, 2009 0817 hrs IST Xbox's top executive shares potential arrival plans

  • Dave

    list is a joke — writer demonstrates he has little clue about the industry in which he is writing about.

  • progamers

    Hellooo!!!! All of you ignored Assassin Creed 2. Most of pages to their top10 games of 2010 ignored Assassin Creed 2.Why?

  • chjawadm

    That's because Assassin's Creed 2 was the top game for 2009, not 2010. See the link: Top 10 Games 2009

  • progamers


    Thanks man,but i think Assassin Creed 2 was planned to be released in the end of year 2009,but it wasnt.That's the reason that people put it on 2009,right?.I think this should be one of the greatest game of 2010

  • chjawadm

    yes, you are right, the game was released for Xbox and PS3 in November last year but it's not out for PC yet. But technically it was released last year.

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  • Destroyer

    Max payne 3 and Crysis…. but where is Mafia 2??????? :) )))))

  • dog walking New York

    I really cannot wait for starcraft 2 to come out! I will be playing that game non-stop for a month if it ever comes out! I like your list, I have heard good things about fifa. Might give it a try soon!

  • vergel

    starcraft 2 isnt a hoax isnt it?i been waiting for this in years since 06.they have been announcing it for years.

  • Omnipotent

    yea it is. Blizzard is anticipating its release this time in the first quarter of 2010. keep your fingers crossed.

  • Jojo

    I think Mafia 2 will be the biggest release of 2010. Donno why it is ignored…

  • BNDR

    Dark Void is much more than that, it cant just be described in four lines, it is actually the best of gears of war plus the best of any flying game combined, anyone else think they should even mention the jetpack?

  • Anton

    beta has been released

  • Livo

    What about diablo 3?????????????????????????????????

  • diablo3

    hell yeah where is Diablo 3 ? u niggz ! wake up

  • Carlos Carrada

    What about GTA 5, releases this year (Summer)! And… What about Batman Arkham Asylum 2?! Diablo 3, StarCraft 2, Mafia 2 is going to be the BOMB!, and… I Am Alive… This list is very bad, the bes game is Max Payne 3.

  • mr man

    diablo 3 has been delayed again its being released sometime in 2011 /sigh

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  • anonimno

    Where on the world is APB – all points bulletin? Are you all crazy??

    APB is the best game ever!!

  • penis


  • Festive

    GTA 5 and Diablo 3 are confirmed to release in 2011. The Batman Arkham Asylum 2 release in not confirmed because of development house sale.

  • lancau

    i think SUPER MARIO the best of games in da world.

  • omnipotent

    good old times :D

  • Chubbe

    oi! what happened to BFBC2!

  • babroyal

    i liked max payne

  • ermacs

    starcraft was out 2009 december 14 :D

  • Loffel

    And Battlefield Bad Company 2???

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  • [o]._.[o]

    lol hiihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhh ilascu

  • Brickheadzoo

    that is so true. i can never get bored playing it.

  • floobi

    Shit where's Fallout: New Vegas

  • duuuuurp

    looking forward to fifa

  • lars_ulrich63

    Hitman 5…… c'mon man!!!!!! great series

  • Samet Oduncu

    ? think Pro EV.Soccer. better than f?fa everytime.

  • hamza13

    yes where is Diablo 3 !!

  • x_pill

    what about assassins creed ?

  • MajorityKnowsBest

    Meh i think i speak for the 20 million of us when i say… where is the Cataclysm expansion for wow!!! LONG LIVE DEATHWING!!

  • BlogSpot SEO tips

    WOW! I have been searching for this top PC games and here they are served fresh for me. My bet is the latest version of Command and Conquer. I wanna have it now!

  • Anonymous

    wow, cool and amazing!
    Thanks for sharing!
    here I’d like to share some more games, now it’s ipad day! share some more ipad games I collected online “10 Best iPad Games We Can’t Wait to Play”

  • asdi

    What About Nfs are there any new releases

  • bjda

    No assassins creed 2?

  • rwadeg

    I was interested in your opinion until Fifa 10 then you completely discredited yourself as a gamer.

  • This is retarded

    Mafia 2? Metro 2033? GTA IV DLC? Fallout 3 NV? but you included sucky C&C4 and FIfa??? AND BioS Shock LMAO

  • stks

    what about aliens vs predator gta episodes from liberty city ETC this site S U C K S assasins creed call of prypiat et c etc etce etce

  • kau

    so nice games i really love it very much,superb games ,i love fifa extremely

  • cheap designer handbag

    They're all my fave!

  • arko sarkar

    i like assassin's creeed

  • rushabh


  • Israelgarib

    where's call of duty modern warfare 2?????

  • Holonis_rob

    i dont if you dont mind man i just need gud game online

  • asdfasdf

    The original starcraft had a replay function. Blizzard has decided to improve it, but it was there.

  • Pendref

    Uh Civ 5…..!!!!!!!

  • MukulBadial

    May Be u missed Devil May Cry 4 Gta 4 God of War 3 Buddie

  • Muhd Faiz

    I very like game CRYSIS 2..

  • Dream_ibanez89

    bad company,red faction guirrella,assassin's creed 2,arkham asylum,world of warcraft 3,god of war 3 &empire total war m/

  • Asdf

    MAFIA II ftw :)

  • mike

    not NFS hot pursuit? Or Portal 2?

  • cnc4suck.sc2rules.

    command and conquer 4 vs. starcraft 2, starcraft 2 wins on gameplay… cnc 4 only wins on graphics bcause it'll support dx11 unlike sc2… SC2 ftw… I bet that cnc4's gameplay and balancing will suck.

  • Sumith Aditeaya

    ne mukam

  • aspa

    F.U.C.K U

  • Laeh

    Sucky list couse they forgot Call of duty:Black ops and Fallout:New vegas

  • TonyVsa

    what about asassins creed brotherhood and fear 3

  • Krishkrik


  • Lolol

    Max Payne was not created by rockstar, it was remedy (games) who created the title.

  • Krissu

    i hate metin :|

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  • Andre


  • Mideaaaa

    Wear is the sims 3

  • Ayham Alomari

    i thought the game fable the lost chapters or prince of pasia will be one of the top 10

  • Iliya96

    hi everybody!!!

  • Hakim4174

    FIFA 2010 no way ?

  • Mariussalam08

    mai taceti in plm de englezi si americani ce oti fi ca nu intelege nimeni nimik pisamas pe voi

  • Aan Woodz


  • John123

    suck my big cock u losers


    you must better add road rash, mario, prince of persia and dave…………. its far better than tall these craps….

  • Blablabla

    You grammar is amazingly…bad! how can you write an article so poorly. Amazing.

  • Gabmonsed55

    Put Pedro Castilho playing in game . The best guitar man of world now.

  • Stuandbeans

    Read my game reviews!

  • Jchigumba


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  • jayson

    dude its a mistake FIFA 11 IS GONNNA BEEEEEEING OUTTTT

  • lyngdoh

    It ll be good if you provide the off line game of the Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian twilight as for those who can play online. For now i would like to comment on FIFA 10 if the Goadkeeper is little more active then it would have been great. But still FIFA 10 is the best after all.

  • sHacklEs


  • Hah

    when is IGI sequel releasing? any idea?……………anybody?

  • k9dow222wert45

    What type of game is “Mass Effect 2″. But sure it’s good…

  • Mudasir

    cant wait for CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS

  • Cheese

    my piss is yellow

  • mike

    fuck u! you like it!

  • Gluhania

    very very very bad

  • Gluhania

    bad bad bad bad bad bad bad

  • Darkhood14

    it`s 2 long!

  • Fuck

    its not bad bad

    its Fuck your DAD DAD………..

  • better than you

    dude, halo 3 and gow 2 are exclusive to xbox 360, halo 3 cam out in 2005 or 06, your a fucking idiot

  • Swayang347

    hey forgot to add battlefield bad company 2,just cause,mafia 2…lol:p

  • Fr82


  • Delgado

    coooooooooool call of duty:black ops, i can’t wait

  • Sidhu Aryan

    very coool ican also can’t wait

  • Sumit

    I played only 1 game from these games (fifa 2010)
    I will try other games !!!!

  • @nijith

    I don’t know why these guys ignoring Assassins Creed2,Prince OF Persia Forgotten Sands,Battle Field Bad Company2,Mafia2 these ones should be on top 10

  • Kude

    a this is bull…where the heck is new vegas, mafia 2…don’t sort them by type of gameplay, sort them by expectancy….



  • Ggggg

    bad lisy

  • Hari

    that was awesome list my friend…very well done…and good to see the 2011 list too…keep it up…

  • GAY

    Zabiju vas

  • Dhglxkjd

    assasin’s creed !!!!!! it is also a terrific games.

  • asd

    why crysis 2 ?? 2011 game

  • Dr.Pavas

    001 Operation Flashpoint – Dragon Rising ;)

  • Ffffffffff


  • Jopsy_pox

    I’ve got CNC4 now and i think it is a terrible game nothing like the 3rd thumbs down…

  • DMC

    ey try tony clancy’s hawx that game rocks

  • DMC

    i too love assasins creed …finished 4times…..try TONY CLANCY’S HAWX it rocks

  • Viti11

    Bios shock -.-

  • Mzonerz

    crysis is the best game 4 ever,………ya

  • Better than “better than you”

    You sir, are a knobend, you cannot even spell you’re correctly

  • Adillperwana

    In fact I like Activition Games, such as “call of duty Games” and other activition games, because the graphic of these games are batter than other games.

  • Ave_miko

    my favorite games ave estiller

  • Estiller_trisha

    beautiful games always

  • Meandmyself

    Any list that doesnt include World of Warcraft is a fail list.

  • aravin

    now fifa11 available u cn try tht

  • satan

    fuck your mom dude!!!you are bull shit!!!

  • Saifuldanni

    Eat Shitt..

    find me at facebook..
    danny benz

  • teri ma ki choot

    bhosund panktiya

  • zeeshan

    i think top 1 expected game is Asassins creed

  • muhmaad sameer


  • muhmaad sameer


  • muhmaad sameer

    salam mulikum

  • Adilkiller

    kya tere nhee hai

  • Damir 92

    yes. its very jld and good games)

  • Jaganmohanraomunna

    fifa 11 is one of a hell man, it is good.

  • Thodorisgiorgos

    Where is Battlefield:Bad Company 2?? Oooo come on these aren’t good games

  • Thodorisgiorgos

    I gonna tell COD Black ops is verry bad game and i think Assasins Creed 2 Battlefield:Bad Company 2 PES2011 and Medal Of Honor is verry good games and this games are games with verry bad rate

  • Thodorisgiorgos

    yes this is a very good game why is ignored???

  • shan

    call of duty black ops is no one

  • Shubham Wini

    this not allows to download

  • Shubham Wini

    tumhari aisi ki taisi

  • ritam banerjee

    is crysis 2 out yet??plzz inform me…

  • ritam banerjee


  • ritam banerjee

    IS crysis 2 out yet??

  • Tomislav

    Call of Duty je zakon odlicna igra hahahahah:::::::::::))


    i liked it very much……
    i downloaded all the games…..

  • goutham darks

    assasins creed 2 is suberb game

  • Babarialalit

    it is good

  • Lala<3sSoccer

    you all are idiots. lets just all realize that soccer- kills :D <3

  • Lala<3sSoccer

    assasins creed is fukin raw (:

  • I<3lala<3sSoccer

    suk it

  • tomukas

    2010 fifa game
    its good, but something wrong in this game

  • Stom

    where is prince of persia:forgotten sands

  • Lolwut

    this sucks!