Now you can buy books from ATM machines

By | October 31st, 2009

google books 300x145 Now you can buy books from ATM machines

Google partners with Espresso Book Machine (EBM) which is like an ATM machine that can produce a perfect bound, top quality book in minutes. The book that the machine prepares for you is just like the one you buy from market. The printing of pages, printing of cover, binding and cutting, everything takes places runtime at that machine. You can order any book using the screen in front of you, whose soft copy is available, and get it printed for in few minutes. No need to visit book stores or wait for the shipment to arrive from the online book store. It’s easy, it’s economical and it’s cool.

The Espresso Book Machine (EBM) is a product of On Demand Books and recently partnered with Google. The database currently has more than 2 million books in it and is expanding as a part of Google Book Search project. User can also give the machine his/her copy in .pdf form using CD or flash drive and the machine can print that too!

The Espresso Book Machine Now you can buy books from ATM machines

The Espresso Book Machine. Photograph: David Parry/PA

The machines gives a ATM feel and looks. Hopefully when they make it common in public it will have only a few portion visible to the customer, just like ATM machine. The printing cost is very economical, like a penny per page, however yet no official price is announced. As I write this article, there has been 25 location on which this machine’s been deployed. See the complete location list of EBM. Here are some of the remarkable features of the EBMs: (for a complete information about EBM visit this PDF file size: 1.4 MB)

  • The trim size is variable between 8.25″ x 10.5″ and 4.5″ x 5.5″. So the publisher’s original size can generally be matched. Readers will detect no difference between the EBM copy and the publisher’s edition
  • Binding: Perfect-bound (see video)
  • Interior: B&W (with a color option at certain EBM sites)
  • Page-Count: 40 to 830 pages
  • Speed: A 300-page book in less than 4 minutes
  • File format: Standard PDF for book block and cover. Books can be selected onsite, online, or even uploaded in person from CDs, flash drives, etc

This technology can completely change the book selling and businesses. A bookstore can have only one such machine and no books at all. Customer can come with his/her own PDF of book or can search from the database and print it at that moment and get a new, fresh smelling, book to home. If you still can’t believe in it, see the videos below:

General Overview

Espresso Book Machine

  • guest

    Great, put more people out of jobs, thats just what we need!

  • Totally Alive Online

    Wow , exciting !

  • Totally Alive Online

    Wow , exciting !



  • guest

    'Great, put more people out of jobs, thats just what we need!'
    You realize that there is almost no need for human interaction in book printing as is, so this isn't changing the situation at all.

  • JS

    I'm not one to nit pick grammar that often, but yours is atrocious. You have your own website, clean it up a little. Reading this post was painful.

  • Patrick

    You do not have to be an economics major to realize that though this may temporarily put people out of jobs, in the long run it could create more, and higher paying jobs. Who is going to build the machine? Sell the machine? Repair the machine? Develop new software for the machine? Find more books for the machine? What about the business owners who will have this machine in there coffee shop and make money off of it, which can go towards paying their waitresses higher wages? Come on, think a little.

  • Jerry from Houston

    Hmmm… “like an ATM,” isn't that just called a vending machine. What next, “Now you can buy Cokes from ATM machines?” And I have concerns over the idea that “Readers will detect no difference between the EBM copy and the publisher’s edition,” or “The printing cost is very economical, like a penny per page.” Heck, cancel my Barnes and Noble card and sign me up. My office charges 15 cents a copy and this machine sound great.

  • Scitechie

    Thats good…hope to get this in other parts of wolrd

  • This site

    I have seen this before but its still good. I am glad for this.

  • payday advance online

    What a cool idea. I was just thinking the other day. “what will Google think of next?”. I can't believe that they came up with this, truely another innovation!

  • Redundancy Police

    ATM Machine? Fail. What do you think the M stands for? Unless this stands for Ass to Mouth Machine. As in that girl was an ATM machine man! Or if they are talking about the machines that make ATMs.

  • Strappingx Machines

    ATM machines became very famous in the industry because all transactions here are made fast.Its a smart shared post mate.Thanks for sharing.Keep sharing as always.

  • Corey McCowan

    I think this is cool but I don’t think it will replace all bookstores or just be the only thing in a bookstore. The reason is I go there to browse the books it’s not just going out and buying a book it’s an experience. I love the atmosphere of bookstores and the discovery of finding new and different books and being able to read them. Yes this machine may prove popular and be implemented in many places but it won’t completely replace bookstores nor will it be the only thing in a bookstore.