Nintendo 64 emulator App for iPhone

By | December 22nd, 2009

ZodTTD has finally released the N64 emulator for iPhone. The App is named n64iphone and can be purchased for $2.50 using Cydia. Payment is done through Appsidy. This is the early version and misses save states however you can save the game using memory card eeprom saves.

nintendo 64 iphone Nintendo 64 emulator App for iPhone

iphone mario Nintendo 64 emulator App for iPhone

The controls used in game play are onscreen control buttons plus the iPhone accelerometer which detects the movements. However, the best part, you can connect Nintendo WiiMote to your iPhone via bluetooth. The app enables you to download and play hundreds of N64 games that you love like all the cool releases of Mario and Super Bowling.

Features Include:

  • WiiMote support via BlueTooth capable devices!
  • Fast dynarec CPU emulation
  • Sound emulation
  • Download to the ROMs directory within the app
  • Fast OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics renderer
  • Controller overlays are able to be skinned
  • Supported ROMs: .n64 .z64
  • Supported Archives: .zip .7z

n64iphone app Nintendo 64 emulator App for iPhone

mario on iphone Nintendo 64 emulator App for iPhone

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  • Anonymous

    This is really good application for Apple iPhone. But I read in the user review that the game play of this emulator which is available for iPhone not as good as Nintendo 64. But I love to play some games on it. Like Mario Kart and Super Mario brothers. Thanks for sharing the info about the app.