Netbooks to replace Notebooks?

By | March 10th, 2009

“If it [a netbook] does replace a low-end notebook then that’s good for us.” Intel CEO Paul Otellini.

Surely it’s good for Intel, but does it make sense? Will Netbooks replace Notebook?

Still many people think that Netbooks are a better option to go for as they are new in market and will replace laptops. In reality, that’s not the case, it all depends on what-is-your-use with the machine. To differentiate between laptop/notebooks and netbooks in one line, I’ll say:

A Notebook is a replica of Desktop PC with small size, whereas, a Netbook is a low powered, less efficient machine to do small task like check emails, play media, chat and surf the web

Netbook Specs:

  • Hardisk 4-80 GB
  • Processor Max: 1.6Ghz
  • Battery Life: 3-4 Cell = 4-5 hours
  • Use: Web Browsing, chatting, Checking Emails, Playing Media
  • Price: 200-500$

netbook vs notebook Netbooks to replace Notebooks?

Notebook Specs:

  • Hardisk 80-320 GB
  • Processor: Almost anything the Desktop can have
  • Battery life: 6 cells: 2-4 Hours (Need to plug-in for heavy processing)
  • Use: For advance users, Installing and using heavy software like Adobe Photoshop, Netbeans IDE and anything you can do on Desktop
  • Price: $600+

So clearly the current Netbooks can never replace Notebooks, however we can hope for cheaper, lighter, and smaller laptops in future that will be as powerful as the laptops are today.

To support my argument, I have selected this video for you:

  • Shane

    I agree, a netbook will never be able to replace a notebook.

  • Heder

    Nice netbooks in place of notebooks

  • spellathon

    The only good thing in netbook is that they are light weight

  • shoaib2k2

    Netbooks cant replace notebooks both have their own uses

  • smallnotebookcomputers

    I don't think netbooks will replace a higher powered laptop with a 15 or 17 inch screen and larger keyboard. The netbook is a great product for checking email and getting to the web. Don't try running Photoshop for hours on end on a netbook, if you do, you will need to schedule a Physical Therapy session to get back in shape.

  • tablet laptops

    Yes, surely netbooks can't replace notebooks. But these netbooks come with many features to attract working people..

  • scottterri

    I thnik its going to be hard for a netbook to replace a notebook purely on usuablity. My first netbook was a Dell Mini that's trackpad was nearly unusable. Eventually I bought a MSI Wind bundle from The bundle I got made the computer portable and useful. For instance you need to a wireless mouse and a DVD-RW just to be able to use a netbook to its full potential.

  • Alex

    i don`t think so… those are just some cool gadgets… laptops will remain :)

  • myspace layouts

    Netbooks are too small for me. I dont think they'll ever replace the Notebook.

  • car dvd for chrysler 300c

    it all depends on what-is-your-use with the machine.

  • remove full scan virus

    I don’t think so. I still like notebook.