Microsoft to release Zune Phone, Powered by Nvidia Tegra

By | February 1st, 2010

Microsoft is likely to release the Zune Phone this month at the Mobile World Congress to be held at Barcelona. The Zune Phone will be an extension of Microsoft Zune HD player and will be powered by the same chip; Tegra. Nvidia Tegra is a powerful mobile graphics chips that consumes as low as 1W power while decoding 1080p HD video! Microsoft already had the Tegra chip in their Zune HD player and decided to go with same on the Zune Phone.

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The Phone will be using Windows Mobile 7 and is believed to come out as a competitor to iPhone 3GS and  iPhone 4G.  According to rumors, the Zune Phone will have a display resolution of 480 x 272 pixels which Tegra can handle pretty well. Moreover the Phone will likely to have an HDMI output which seems appropriate as Tegra can handle HD video playback up to 1080p. The fact that Tegra consumes very low power makes Zune HD player play 8 hours of HD video on a single charge and we hope zune phone to have the same.

zune phone microsoft Microsoft to release Zune Phone, Powered by Nvidia Tegra

The revolutionary Zune Phone is believed to have HDMI video out and high definition FM radio receiver. and weigh 70 grams. Of course it will have multitouch screen and a wifi along with a carrier network.

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  • RoboStorm

    This seems like a nice job from Microsoft. Well done!!! I hope the cell phone can be used with a Voip services because voip networks seem to develop even more on the telephony market. They offer cheaper services and a variety of services that classic telephony companies can't offer.