Microsoft Kinnect & XBOX 360 Slim – Review

By | June 24th, 2010

Microsoft announced the release of XBOX 360 Slim gaming console along with Kinnect (formally Project Natal) at their 2010 E3 keynote. The new XBOX 360 slim brings performance enhancements as well as added features to the already popular console.

Kinect Xbox360 Microsoft Kinnect & XBOX 360 Slim   Review

Microsoft kinnect was one of the most awaited features which would allow gesture input that is an innovative approach to start interactive gaming. Kinnect is scheduled to be launched on November 4th this year along with 15 new titles supporting the new input controller. The new titles include Kinectimals, Kinect sports, Joyride, Kinect Adventures etc. Pricing details are yet to be announced.

The XBOX 360 packs swifter gaming hardware along with 250GB hard disk, Wi-Fi 802.11n support and Ethernet connection. The new console is not only shorter and thinner than its predecessor but runs cooler as well which will translate into less hardware failures. This will cost $299 at launch which includes accessories and 12 months XBOX live subscription and is already available for purchase.

xbox 360 slim Microsoft Kinnect & XBOX 360 Slim   Review

The XBOX 360 Slim alongwith Microsoft Kinnect presents a paradigm shift in console gaming with interactive functions as well as support for video chat. However competing product from Sony and Nintendo are yet to be announced.

  • Example-orange

    will you be able to download your gamerprofile and connect with people from the xbox360 elite using the new slim xbox360?

  • XBOX 360 SUX


  • Raylimbu

    Fuk you, you PS3 owner!

  • james

    this one should be a lot better than the old 360 as this one can shut itself down if it is going to overheat, and this new 360 slim looks better

  • Xander 21

    ''The new console is not only shorter and thinner than its predecessor but runs cooler as well which will translate into less hardware failures.''

    Does this mean that the 360 kinnect WONT get the red light indicating system overheating or hardware failures?

    Or does it mean that while they hav tried their best the red light is still something that may occur in the event of hardware failure or sytem overheating?

  • Student

    So let's see they make is shiny black like the PS3, add wifi like the PS3, The new kinnect/camera like the PS3 eye and a sub program to monitor the cooling. If the thing was fixed and was cooling properly, why would you need a software app to slow down the system to even monitor cooling. What about true 1080P like the PS3 didnt hear anything about that…

  • Dill

    fuck u x box is awsome now get out of here u ps3 bitch

  • Cigi

    Student 1 – you really sound like a first grade student.

    What crap are you talking about – real 1080p – totally rubbish. Both the Ps3 and xbox are running at 1080p – actually many MP games are running at higher frame rates on the xbox.

    If you where MS i would definitely also make a monitoring of the heat – with the issues they have had. But this does not at all mean the foresee problems.

  • Mr Guest

    You suck crap m8

  • jelly56

    The 360's Wifi is faster than the Ps3's so Suck it

  • Breakfast Nook 

    Xbox 360 is beaten by Nintendo Wii when it comes to functionality and ergonomics`,,

  • Bsimons3494

    I will have to be honest,,, I never could get in to the Wii. Just could not do it. but with that said, you cannot even compare the Kinnect with the Wii. The Kinnect is totally hands free. I tried it and it is so cool. I was by myself with a huge smile on my face. I mean while you are on a raft going down a raging river. If you raise your right hand the avatar on the screen does as well. If you squat down he dowes as well. It will pretty much mimmick your ever move. You have got to get this now before it is on ebay at 2 or 3 x the price.

  • Abc

    I disagree. All you have to do is look at the xbox funny and it red rings. I myself got red ringed, and all my friends got red ringed. I switched to ps3 and noticed EVERYTHING is better. I tried a demo of the xbox kinnect and it was TERRIBLE. Terribly glitchy and unresponseive. Not to mention certain shades of darker skin have ever more trouble playing the kinnect. Microsoft for the loss !

  • Td

    Is there anything like black ops or Madden or any of those types of games coming online or is this pretty much going to have the silly games now avail like on the PS3 motion.

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  • Jordanchisholm

    mines reallly quiet except when you play older games for some reason

  • Carte dsi

    Kinnect has some really innovative features, but I won’t turn from Wii to it as Nintendo 3DS is coming soon.

    Anyway, thanks for the review, kinnect is one of the best of its kind out there.

  • Jossy7557

    got ps3 play 5 games out for it there all rubbish games

  • Travis

    well i do not play xbox live due to ps3 is free online but I do have xbox and kinnects and mine is Great.

    There will always be glitches in new hardware.

  • Carte dsi

    kinect and xbox 360 slim,good matching,But i have an old xbox 360, i will consider to have new one.

  • Business IT Support Edinburgh

    this is great news

  • Anonymous

    The Xbox 360 Slim is the latest offering from these gaming giants. Also, The new Xbox 360 Slim has a beauteous black appearance accomplishment which absolutely does give it an expensive, sleek look.

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  • Maecenasies Maecenasies

    Microsoft kinnect was one of the a lot of accessible appearance which
    would acquiesce action ascribe that is an avant-garde access to alpha
    alternate gaming.


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    The Kinect should have an extra camera for FPS movement that way you could play better with fast paste games.

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    The PS3, add wifi particularly PS3, Contemporary kinnect/camera for example, the PS3 eye and one sub program to watch the cooling. In most cases the thing was fixed and was cooling properly, why will you must have a software app to reduce the system to even monitor cooling.

  • carte r4

    Xbox 360 slim is much better than the original xbox 360. Apart from its physical size, it also good in features like wireless connection, storage capacity, controllers and speed.