Jailbreak iPhone iOS 4.0.1 with RedSn0w

By | July 18th, 2010

Apple recently released the iOS 4.0.1 update for iPhone targeted at resolving the signal solving problem as well as updating the signal strength calculating formula. Redsn0w has already released jailbreak for this update, which for now works only with iPhone 3G. The jailbreak for iPhone 4 and 3GS for iOS 4.0.1 is expected soon.

redsn0w iPod d t Jailbreak iPhone iOS 4.0.1 with RedSn0w

For iPhone 3G:

  • Download the iOS 4.0.1 for your iPhone.
  • Now update your device to the latest firmware 4.0.1 using iTunes.
  • Download Redsn0w 0.9.5b5-5 for Windows or Mac.
  • Run Redsn0w and give it the path to the IPSW file for iOS 4.0 which can be downloaded from here.
  • Now proceed with the setup and select “Install Cydia’.
  • Turn OFF the device and plug it to your computer and select ‘next’.
  • Press the POWER and HOME button simultaneously to enter into recovery mode.
  • Now press the POWER button and while pressing, hold the HOME button. Now release the POWER button and let the installation start. The jailbroken iOS 4.0.1 will now install which you can verify later.

HardwareInsight does not support jailbreaking and does not endorse any issues due to following the procedure listed in this page.

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  • Michael

    I've downloaded the 3GS 4.0 ipsw and tried to load it into redsn0w…. but I get a nice message telling me : “Unable to recognizing specified IPSW”….. ?

    I used the link in ” 4.0 which can be downloaded from here.” above!

    Any ideas?

  • Bandulu

    If you read above it does say for 3G only atm. 3gs and 4g coming soon

  • Katy4532

    I guess everyone is trying to jailbreak the iphone 4 that they forgot about us 3gs users :-(

  • josh

    no ipsw for 3g in the download above?

  • usmanaziz

    The IPSW files of both iOS 4.0.1 and iOS 4.0 for iPhone 3G can be downloaded from the links above.


    LOL read the whole description + directions properly noob it says for 3G “NOT” 3GS


    aaah hmmm i dont know but correct me if im wrong but unless u were born with the logic to ummm i dont know, mayb read the entire description i think it says, and i quote: “The jailbreak for iPhone 4 and 3GS for iOS 4.0.1 is expected soon.”

    food for thought? (translation: learn common sense?)

  • Smb3 Coelho

    I just got this to work, this guide doesn't explain it probably. Update your iPhone to 4.0.1, via iTunes. Then download the 4.0.0 file. Then use redsn0w with the 4.0.0 file. Go on from there. Good luck, and have fun with your jail broken 4.0.1.

  • Dave

    Question, what if I already have a jailbroken iOS 4.0 3G?

    If I have to update to 4.0.1 first using iTunes, all my cracked apps (and arrangement of the apps) will be gone yes?

  • Andre

    I guess, it's a silly question. After jailbreaking and unlocking my iPhone 3G, will I be able to sync it with iTunes as before?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R7DQGEDWWEXCVXSGVFEX22IJMM Brandon

    yes as the jailbreakers have found away to get past it

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  • Sik888

    ay usman aziz betta .. ye jo ipsw file hai.. yeh mujay bi nai mili

  • Fosco_dong

    I wonder if it work for G1 too?