ipod touch 8GB vs 32GB (3rd generation)

By | January 2nd, 2010

If you’re planning to buy an ipod touch 3rd generation, I would strongly recommend you to get the 32 GB or 64 GB model. Earlier I explained that the 8GB model of the 3rd generation ipod touch is actually the 2nd generation. However the 32GB and 64Gb are truly the 3rd generation devices. There is a difference of only $100 between the 8GB and 32GB, but along with 4 times storage you get a lot more.

iPod touch 3g fast ipod touch 8GB vs 32GB (3rd generation)

Reasons to buy ipod Touch 32 GB (3G) rather than 8 GB (3G)

  1. It has 4 times the storage space
  2. 32 GB (3g) has 600 MHz processor and 8 GB (3g) has 533 MHz
  3. It has twice the RAM (256MB) than 8GB model with 128 MB of RAM
  4. The 32 GB and 64 GB configurations of the iPod touch 3G has Voice Control navigation and the VoiceOver screen reader, the 8 GB model does not.
  5. 8 GB supports OpenGL ES 1.1 graphics whereas 32 GB supports OpenGL ES 2.0
  6. The 8 GB comes with an apple standard earbuds and 32 GB comes with Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic
  7. It’s only $100 expensive than 8 GB model
  8. It’s faster than iPhone 3G S
  9. Price: 8GB ($199), 32GB ($299)
  10. Good resale value

So remember that it’s not only the storage that you’re getting with the 32 GB model, it’s 3rd generation in true sense and also, yet, the latest generation of Apple ipod touch. The 3rd generation ipod touch is even faster than the iPhone 3G S, see the video below:

  • Drareg

    thanks for this.. now i know what to get

  • chjawadm

    my pleasure :)

  • Jacky Y_

    i realize its a $100 difference…but i want to know in terms of battery life (i.e. number of times you can recharge it)..which one is better?
    if its about the same, wouldn't it be better if i use the $100 to pay for the extra 2 year warranty and my itouch 8gb (3G) will last longer?

    your thoughts?

  • chjawadm

    The choice varies from person to person

    if I had extra $100 in budget I would go for 32GB model as it has better specs. I don't care about warranty. (you can repair for $50 after 1 year so why give $100 for nothing?)

  • halfdodgy

    Thanks for the great comparison, Flag–very helpful.

    One question: should I wait for June to get the 32gb with OS 4., or will I be able to upgrade the firmware on on a 32gb 3rd generation I buy now?

    Thanks again.

  • chjawadm

    You will be able to upgrade a 3G device to OS 4.0 However this upgrade won't be available on 2G devices. So you're safe to buy 32GB iPod Touch 3G

  • anthony

    no, because then if u get a 2 year warranty, you will miss out the better graphics, speed, and other stuff. and with the 2 year warranty, you wont get the voice control

  • theoneman

    im so glad i buyed 32 gb. because of this and because it supports multitasking like 2nd gen dosn't

  • thayne

    where do you repair your ipod for 50 dollors?

  • Nick

    wow i thought that the ipod touch 2g and iphone 3g had the same speed, guess not.

  • ahmad

    For the ipod touch 8gb does the 4.0 update have the same features?

  • Twinfred2

    noooo!!!! no background and multitasking is supported on iPod touch 3G 8GB w/iOS 4.0!!!! only 32 and 64 GB fully support 4.0!!!

  • Bviaccounting

    Hi. Please help.

    Im thinking about getting my 12 yr. old son a Ipod touch. Not sure what to get 8gb or 32gb.
    He said he's just going to use it mainly for games and music….please kindly advise….thanks.

  • Jawad88

    8Gb would be perfect for him

  • Ipod8or32

    I have a question. So is there a difference in speed between the 3g 8gb and the 3g 32gb?

  • usmanaziz

    Yes there is, this is the whole objective of this article.

  • 5331112277

    Thanks, I wanted the 32gb anyways but now im reassured! :D

  • GreenHelium

    Thank you for the article! very well written. I was wondering about how much would a 2nd gen, 8gb, iPod Touch with no engraving, minimal scratches (its been in a case most of its life), original USB charging cable with a slight break at the end?

  • Goesunlimited

    fuck u

  • jimmy

    i was looking for a while on the internet, to find out clearly the differences between the 8 and 32GB, and you put it down so clearly and simple! thanx a lot! good job! ill definitely get the 32GB thanx to you… ;-)

  • DJ_stan06


  • Rayen_b-baller


    I’m trying to buy the Ipod Touch 3G 32 GB but i only see some shops on the internet
    My dad is already 1 time scammed on the internet and never do it again
    Can’t find any shop in the Netherlands who sell the Ipod Touch 3G 32GB

  • Cpbeurer5

    I am looking to buy my 12 yearold an itouch, which would be best suited, the 8gb or 32gb?

  • Anonymous

    The 8GB model will suffice for a 12 year old. Though 16GB/32GB will be compatible with more games and future OS versions.

  • Dewitth

    It has more, it has more, it has more… but you give almost no actual examples or reasons, such as ‘games run faster on the 32gb version’.

  • Anonymous

    Better hardware means better performance.

  • Sage

    Would I be better off buying a 3G 32 GB ipod or the new 4G 8 GB ipod? Same price now that the new ones are out. I don’t want to spend the extra $80 for
    the new 4G 32 GB ipod.

  • Anonymous

    4G 8 GB is, of course, the better option

  • Swaran

    I’m planning to buy 8GB ipod touch… just wanted to check if there are any other differences in specifications in 8GB and 32GB other than the storage space?
    Thanks a lot for your help…

  • Gceballos2

    My 8th grade, 14 year old son wants an Ipod Touch and we keep vacillating between the 8gb and the 32gb.
    At most he will have 150 songs downloaded from ITunes and download about 50 games.

    Also, what is the average price to download a full game?


  • Hottymagee1

    Besides having a camera and mic, and the memory difference. How big of a difference is there between the 3g 32GB itouch and the new 4g 8GB itouch? Cause I have the 32GB (3G) itouch n just got a 8GB (4G) itouch, and want to know if it will hold all my music, apps and contacts if I transfer them all from my 32GB (3G)?

  • M.Dakacia

    i have a question it says 199$ for 8gb but on another site it says 229$ for 8gb my parents are considering buying me one but doesnt know the right price.So can you please help because some of this is off my allowance (lol) and plus which is better 8gb or 32gb if im going to use it for games,internet,and music only?

  • Ostate

    how much would you sell a year old 8gb Ipod Touch for??


    NO 32 g!

  • Anonymous

    go for iPod Touch 4G (8 GB)

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