iPhone 3GS Vs iPhone 4G – A Comparison

By | April 21st, 2010

The next generation iPhone, also known as iPhone 4G, has been leaked and many of its features and specs have been revealed. The battery life is reported to increase by 16%, and there are also some design improvements. Below is a tabular comparing iPhone 4G with its predecessor. As the phone is not released officially so there is no certain word on remaining hardware specs. I will update the comparison when the phone gets official.

iphone 3gs vs iphone 4 iPhone 3GS Vs iPhone 4G   A Comparison

The screen size of iPhone 4G appears to be slightly smaller than iPhone 3GS but has more resolution. Moreover, Apple has completely changed the design of the device; instead of curved design having plastic casing the new iPhone has flat back and aluminum strip on sides. All the buttons like volume, power and mute are metallic.

See Difference Between iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G

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  • owl

    you were pretty dead on

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  • Imnopunkk

    So can you tell me more less which one is better for me?
    I am 17 & this will be my 1st iPhone.

  • Guest

    The 3gs is better for you.

  • Divyawatwani

    hey m a teenager so wat i should take 3gs or 4g..??

  • ashok mak

    can we use the 4 version for iphone 3GS

  • PS3 MANN!

    take the 3gs model :D why do they mean that the 3GS can't have the multitasking (It have it):D

  • Iphone 3gs is best hehe:D

    yes you can have the software (ISO4) on your 3GS! as the Iphone 4 have. (you can download it in Itunes):D

  • Dayanaismail

    Ok so im 13 and my mum says she'll buy me a new phone when my phone contract ends like arnd whn im 15+? and she said i cld either choose 3g or 4g so which?????

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/VZOJXRU4KR5BPVMS4ICC6DYWXI James

    hmm, your article are infomative and dead on, but this writed before the iPhone 4 laouching date, may be some gaps and omissions. This one “The differences between iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS” I stumbled upon days before is much more detailed and well-founded I think.

  • Dlee980206

    People say that a 12 year old shouldent have a iphone 4. I got one and every one says it sucks. Is it because they are jealous? i think so

  • ankhesenamun

    Well, first of all.. let me break this down.
    Since the 3GS operating system can be upgraded to the iphone 4.0 system then I am opting the upgrade on the system 4.0 for the 3GS.
    Also, 10 hours of extra video really isn't enuff ot make me jump, run and view.
    The conferencing video is FUN but when truly are you going to need to be looked at and how may people are “Sex in the City” couture 24/7 to be live conference.
    A Flash with the camera is nice (LED Flash) But how many times are you going to take a photo in the dark (imagine that)… you go camping and want to take a photo of animals sleeping??
    the display of High Definition is a nice feature but … I can wait for the frequency design flaw to be corrected next year with the Iphone 5, see what bells and whistles really pan out.
    Being that the depth is smaller and the width is smaller does not make me feel comfortable about slippage from the hands, especially a GLASS back. Having a glass front and back is a serious flaw to me; for in the realm of statistics – everybody and I mean everybody is going to accidently miss putting their iphone into a place, ie, purse, pants pockets or simply setting it down on a table (and opps there it goes).
    I will say the Iphone 3GS has all the bells and whistles I need presently with great secure cases like the “Serpent Rebel or Otter Box”. Something about a glass back makes me very leary of breakage.
    Now, if they can re-invent the wheel of the iphone 5 with an all black onyx alluminum casing and a HD front glass view then I AM on board!
    Also, 16% percent of a battery increase really isn't enough for me to WANT TO RUN and get, as well, since 16% is literally about 1 hour – when traveling for business literally a lithium battery would give you 7-8 hours at least to make it from work to home, and or flight to hotel without worrying about a battery going dead in the most inconvenient time. Yes, there are this gadget and that but … if I am paying for a smartphone to take off I want it to rattle my bones with sunshine and glory.
    I dig the iphone4 but it doesn't make me yell WOW, GOTTA GET right now.
    Perhaps, the iphone 5 next year… will make me wanna RUN and JUMP and act like a kid in the candy store.
    I am and always will be an iphoner forever because I do love APPLE'S products and the iphone simply outweighs the competition.
    It sure is easier than a laptop thru an airport tell ya that much.
    Thank you.

  • woolloomooloo

    i had problems with the camera on the iPhone 4 (blogged about the photos comparison on my blog), but apple replaced a new one and now, i'm very happy with my 4.

  • Someone

    No multitasking for 3GS? WRONG!

  • guest

    by the time ur 15 there will be better newer phones. so just wait and see

  • Tigerdr2

    Well done

  • Ellojj1909

    i got one too.. =)

  • Thewilliams530

    I think so. I know several people that have purchased them (4G’S) and when I compare them to my 3gs…well they seem awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Completely WRONG the 3GS had multitasking before apple even thought of introducing it and now “Officially” has it with OS4.

    Do some research before you open your mouth.

  • Kevin1246522

    This site is fuckin rediculus. The headliner of this forum is iPhone 3GS vs iPhone 4G?????? It’ s not an iPhone 4G. Its’s just an iPhone 4. NOT a “4G”. Just a 4. Fuckin unrelayable sources.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right, however, this article was written before the release of iPhone 4, when it was commonly known as iPhone 4G

  • Homer

    A cheap flip phone that only makes calls – that’s all a kid needs to have.

  • mike hunt

    kevin cant even spell unreliable so what would he know

  • Hany Germany

    please,guys can any1 tell me any iphone is good 4 me 3gs or 4g

  • Manesh Patel

    like i phone 4g

  • fgh

    he he…

  • Dada

    Iphone 4G ? Do you really know what you are talking about ?