iPad 2 Vs iPad – Feature Comparison

By | December 26th, 2010

This article is inspired by 5 Reasons to Wait for iPad 2 by ReadWriteWeb, though my reasons to wait for iPad 2 are different. The next update to iPad, termed as iPad 2 is believed to be in production for April 2011 release. Although the new iPad will have the same screen size, but there are some major improvements over the first one.

ipad 2 back front iPad 2 Vs iPad   Feature Comparison

iPad 2 will have a front facing camera and possibly a rear camera, better speakers and mic. The overall footprint of the device (height and width) is reduced by 3mm from each side. We don’t know how much attention Apple is paying to the internal specifications but history suggests that iPad 2 will definitely have more RAM and higher screen resolution. Apple may as well introduce retina display to iPad in this upgrade. Here’s a detail comparison between iPad and iPad 2.

ipad vs ipad 2 march 2 iPad 2 Vs iPad   Feature Comparison

Sadly there’s no retina display nor any word on RAM improvment

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    Perhaps this is the reason why Motorola is cannot beat iPad 2 high price and inferior features as compare to Apple iPad 2.

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    Wow front camera is a magnificent installation in iPad 2 it may make video
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