Internet Explorer 8 nearing RTM

By | February 19th, 2009

Microsoft has been working hard for the development of Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7. They’re both expected to release even before the dates announced previously. The Final Version of Windows 7 is expected to release in December 2009, whereas Internet Explorer 8 has nearly completed its development. The RTM version of Internet Explorer 8 is predicted to be announced in a few weeks, and the full version will be available by the end of March this year.

Internet Explorer 819121 Internet Explorer 8 nearing RTM

Internet Explorer 8 offers vast improvements over the previous versions, and is to give a hard time to Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome browsers. The new explorer is to be a part of the upcoming Windows 7, though it will also run on Windows Vista and Windows XP.

These are some of the new features in Internet Explorer 8.

1) InPrivate stealth mode for Private browsing

2) Virtual Search Suggestions

3) Performance and Reliability Improvements including automatic crash recovery

4) Advanced Rendering Engine

5) Accelerators and Web Slices for a better browsing experience

6) Autocomplete changes and Virtual Search Suggestions

k2y89s Internet Explorer 8 nearing RTM

Internet Explorer Beta 2 is available for download. Click Here to download.

  • spellathon

    I don’t want to use IE for its slow browsing speed as compared to Firefox, lets hope Microsoft do something about this issue in IE8.

  • Tony

    I have to admit I really don’t like the MSIE7 look compared with MSIE6, and switched over to Firefox several years ago for 90% of my browsing. It will be interesting to see how MSIE8 compares.