Increase you Storage Drives speed with VISTA

By | May 28th, 2009

Your computer while running most of the common applications usually don’t end up blocking on available processor due to multi -core technology. But that’s not the case when there is some kind of I/O operation involved related to Hard-Drive or USB. If you are using an application that needs to read/write a lot of files, it is not typical for your CPU processor utilization to be really low, since the application might be spending most of its time just waiting for the disk operations to complete.

Windows Vista helps you to increase your storage derives speed as you need, so you can customize your storage drives for running heavy applications by following these steps.

1)   Open Device Manager:   Right Click  MyComputer then go to Properties>> Device Manager

 Increase you Storage Drives speed with VISTA

2)  Open Derive Properties:   Expand the Disk Drive tab and right click the drive you want to customize then go to properties.

 Increase you Storage Drives speed with VISTA

3)  Last Step is to go to policies tab and Enable Write caching on the disk and advanced performance. And don’t forget to hit OK.

And you are done.

For USB/External Drives double click it to open up the properties screen. Then just change the setting to “Optimize for performance” and hit OK to continue.

 Increase you Storage Drives speed with VISTA

Write caching was not enabled as removing devices directly without using the “Safely remove removable device”may lose your data. But enabling this option speeds up performance significantly when writing to the disk.

You have to restart your system and next time you will experience better disk writing and bootup performance.

  • Ashish Kalmegh

    nice trick to do :D WILL try this

  • Nik

    Bear in mind that what you have suggested will have severe effects on Hard Disk’s life. After activating these settings you will see that your HDD activity light will never be unlit and will always keep flickering. These settings put a considerable pressure on hard disk. Make you sure your data is always backed up!

  • Jared Stenzel

    Completed with the help of your very precise instructions. Easy to do, and I’ve already seen an improvement since I did this yesterday. Thanks for the guide, subscribing to this blog :)

  • Techie

    I would only recommend doing this on a laptop or a computer with a backup power supply. If you do this on a regular PC a power outage is really going to hurt you.