Huawei Ideos U8150-B (with Google) – Review

By | October 19th, 2010

Huawei Ideos, launched on September 2, 2010, is the first handset to have Android 2.2 (Froyo) pre-installed and also the cheapest Android phone of the world. The global launch of Ideos U8150-B, with price range of $100- $200 (depending on your location), will definitely bring Android to masses. Ideos packs almost all the features of a high-end phone yet priced so low that it can penetrate into masses, especially Asian market. We also managed to get our hands-on the phone to bring you the exclusive review of the device:

Huawei IDEOS colors Huawei Ideos U8150 B (with Google)   Review


Ideos has 2.8-inch of capacitive touchscreen powered by a 528 MHz Qualcomm processor. The screen is very responsive and processor is powerful enough to avoid any delay or glitches. The device has Android 2.2 (Froyo) pre-installed along with many Google applications like Maps, Voice, Navigate, Search and so on. It has a 256 MB memory, 512 MB ROM and supports microSD of up to 16 GB. It has a 3.2-megapixel still camera and support for video recording, however, you need to have an microSD card to use the camera. Other features include GPS, A-GPS, accelerometer, proximity sensor, FM radio, Bluetooth and 802.11 b/g/n and supporting GSM / GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / HSDPA.

Battery Life

Ideos has a very prolonged battery life; the 1200mAh battery (easily replaceable) can give about 5 hours of continuous use of GPS, WiFi, Music and other task running simultaneously in background. The battery also takes very less time to recharge. You can recharge the device using the adapter or though a computer via USB-cable.

Android 2.2 Experience

Personally having used IOS 4 and Android 2.2, I feel that both the OS are neck-to-neck in providing maximum user experience and productivity. The device easily handles multitasking i.e. running many applications simultaneously. We experienced no performance cut while running Music, Mail, GPS-Navigation and eBuddy in the background along with getting continuous weather and news feed in the background. We totally recommend this device for Foryo.

ideos actual size Huawei Ideos U8150 B (with Google)   Review

About the 2.8-inch Screen Size

Okay this may be a negative point for a smartphone, but you have to give the credit to device for packing so much into a smaller/smarter design that cost you at least half of a high-end smatphones. The fact that I can type easily on an on-screen keyboard makes it easy to believe that it ain’t that small. As a by-product the phone gives good performance on Froyo and fits nicely into your pants.

In the Box

The contents of the box are the device itself, ear-phones, an adapter for charging and dual purpose USB-connector cable. This standard cable connects your phone to computer for data transfer (and charging) as well as to adapter if you want quick charging.

huawei ideos accessories Huawei Ideos U8150 B (with Google)   Review

The Cons

if you’re an YouTube addict on iPhone or similar screen size, there’s a slight drawback for you in this phone. The 2.8-inch screen with a resolution of 320×240 pixels doesn’t give the best video experience. Ideos lose some points on screen resolution (not screen size), they could have done better with the resolution keeping the same screen size. Another thing you may not like about the phone is about 25% screen-less area with only 3 sparsely placed buttons (something not common to high-end smartphones). The built/finish quality is not that of an iPhone or HTC for that matter, but we give an okay to that as well considering the price of the device. Also, camera is could have been better, we’ll soon review it’s camera.


We definitely recommend this phone to those users who want to get full android experience without robbing a bank. If you’re purchasing your first smartphone, go for it. However if you’re switching from iPhone, you may not like the media on this phone. Android 2.2 definitely gives an productivity edge on iOS and suits well for business users and travelers. If you can spend 3 times more (without contract) for iPhone and/or high-end android phones, go for that, for everyone else Huawei Ideos is a reasonable deal.

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  • Dexter202

    high end features on low end price. a compact deal

  • Anonymous


  • Christian

    sick phonneeee

  • Awhad

    agree i do i am indian so me know not good english but i can get you a good deal with telstra if you want?

  • Peter Hadjis

    Not compatible with UPC barcode scanner applications. It appears as if the camera cannot focus at the requisite distance, i.e., no macro capabilities.

  • Anonymous

    Yes I experienced the same problem, forgot to write that in review. Thanks

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  • zed.e

    hey, is this phone availble in pakistan? i mean without out any contracts presently it is being offered sim-locked by zong but they are charging too much (16000/-) where as some sites report it worth 10000 – 12000 … so if some one knows if its availble in the market?

  • Nitesh Badave

    When this gonna hit the indian market?

  • Farziid2

    can we connect it to pc and use internet??
    ie can we connect it as a modem

  • Doug Sewell

    Only getting about 24 hours battery life with WiFi on in background. Short of turning wifi off and on which is a pain, is there a way to extend the standby time to the specified 192-230 hours?

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  • IntelligentPersonunlikedoug

    i dont know if your du*mb or what but is there a mobile device that can handle more than 24 hours wifi connection? getting 24 hrs with wifi on is good enough.. unless you came from the future r3t4rd.

  • Idiotsareonweb

    You guys need to learn to be more civil to eachother.. everyone who visit this website is hungry for gain information… not for keep the insults for your friends and family

  • Alexx Chicharitoz

    I had a short experience on it and I think the camera and the media player are a bit poor compared even to my current nokia 5130 xpressmusic bt bt I’ll still go for the phone

  • Dave

    phone is slow even with my app kill. i have tried many things to speed up the response time wouldn’t buy again

  • Alexx Chicharitoz

    But still remains a fair deal no matter the shortcomings

  • Kaami_g

    I get this phone…but i failed to understand the method to send songs via blutooth…
    Can anyone guide me????

  • Selvam_celtech


  • Locus blogus

    Got it 2 days ago and i loved it… the barcode scanner doesn ‘t work and flash is not available for adroid… yet but they have thousands apps on market section for free…

  • Afaq Naseer

    here u can make only 30 min..videos thats all

  • Mr. Serious

    GREAT DEVICE AND SUPER CHEAP! MY FRIEND HAS XPERIA X10 MINI PRO but I AM SO HAPPY WITH THIS DEVICE!!! Payed 100$ for this and it works great, can even use Angry birds IF u lock and unlock the device while you play angry birds.

  • Who238

    Great phone! Very responsive!

  • Freeloaves

    I own it but find the battery infuriating. I have done all I can to make it chew up as little battery as possible, but I’ll be lucky if it lasts 24hours, with minimal usage.

    It will jump from 50%+/- down to 4%, saying it needs charged. Then I plug it in, and it’s straight away back up to the amount it was before it started dying for no reason. Or I’ll turn it on and off when it starts “dying” – same thing. I’ve had it replaced once already and it’s doing it again! wtf? :(

  • Ashley

    how can you send music to bluetooth?

  • Icaursjun

    turn off gps which drains battery like hell… I get 2-3days standby… afaik most phone battery life don’t usually meet printed spec sheet…

  • kasheem

    i never tried huawei before….im an LG user…but since i have no choice but to use huawei so i give it a try…and so far i can say that this phone is not that bad…..

  • tommy

    is a good deal with a little money

  • jiwan

    my touchscreen is not working cant feel the sensor for whole day so i trun off the phone n after few hour late at night i switch on the phone touchscreen worked n then i again trun off n reopen next morning touchscreens gone whats the me out??

  • Cool92guy

    nice phone…anyone wanna buy contact me…0060176940975….. call me

  • Mgmwriters77

    great phone except for the very short battery life and the fact that the screen rotates only oneway,this is a perfect phone for a start….net is great here but ca.mera is so poor, proba lu worse than my previous 2mp sony ericsson camera

  • Mgmwriters77

    sure…you actually can use data cable and its tethering feature or use, connect via wifi or use it as a wireless hotspot and even use it on many computers…its also faster than normal modems on the comp

  • cloud

    how can i unlock this phone ?? it says.. SIMBLOCK LOCK UNLOCK RESET KEY … HELP GUYS

  • ryanr

    am experiencing problems w/ GPS unit in t-mobile comet (Huawei u8150-b). First handset’s GPS worked for 2-weeks, then died.  Second t-mobile comet handset GPS unit failed after one week. Am now awaiting 3rd comet.

    t-mobile tech support appears to have no knowledge about GPS functionality. They can’t recommend procedure to ascertain if it’s hardware or not. 

    anyone else having problems w/ comet’s GPS function?

  • shahrukh

    i want to know that how can i use this phone in India because when i started the phone they want the sim lock code. that is country code of this phone. i wanna know? 

  • Anonymous

    It is a good review about the Huawei Ideos U8150-B. It is a mid range Android 2.2 phone. Its include 512MB of ROM, 256MB of RAM. The another feature are GPS, Bluetooth, OVGA touch screen and 3.2-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash.

  • motorola repair parts

    It wasn’t mentioned which carriers will be picking up this phone, but it
    should be launched over in Europe, and there’s also the possibility of
    it arriving at AT&T or T-Mobile since it sports a variety of
    quad-band GSM and UMTS/HSDPA radios.

  • boost phones supplier

    The Huawei U121, Playset and the Vodafone 716 are 3G mobile camera phones designed and manufactured by Chinese telecommunications equipment supplier Huawei.

  • cellphoneinn

    The Huawei Ideos is the company’s first attempt at an own-brand
    Android phone released in our part of the world, and it’s not looking
    that bad. The key reason for that UNBRIDLED OPTIMISM is that for a
    pay-as-you-go fee of between £99 and £129 you’ll get a 2.8? screen and
    unusually for a phone at this price point the screen tech is
    capacitive. So it’ll actually work.