HP Slate to Support Video Conference, Flash and HDMI?

By | January 31st, 2010

HP Slate, that we all saw at CES 2010, is coming this year sooner than you expected. Phil McKinney, the CTO of HP’s Personal Systems Group explains that the product is not just a prototype, it’s fully ready and functional. On the face of it the HP Slate looks lighter and a bit smart than Apple’s iPad. On the video one can spot the Camera/Web Cam on the upper right corner which means that you can video chat using Hp Slate.

 HP Slate to Support Video Conference, Flash and HDMI?

Unlike ipad, HP Slate is destined to be a fully functional PC with Windows 7, USB port and a multi-touch screen. This beats Apple’s ipad real bad as ipad has iPhone OS, not the MAC OS whereas the HP Slate will be a complete PC having Win 7. Phil McKinney speaks that it took us five years to complete this project and we want it to be many-device-in-one, not just a book reader. Further, in video interview, he explained that the device will provide a rich media experience, so no doubt it will have a Flash Support.

HP wants it to be a mainstream product not just a niche, says Phil McKinney. This proves that the HP Slate will be complete PC allowing you to use it anyway you want without any restrictions. The technical specs and the are not disclosed but McKinney made it clear that it will not be expensive.

  • Nontentional

    WANT WANT WANT. Multi-tasking, flash, full windows 7 OS (therefore allowing of networking, etc), *and* HDMI. This is my dream. Bonus USB ports and camera.