How to make bootable Chromium OS flash drive

By | February 23rd, 2010

Chrome OS is among the latest operating system by Google for next generation devices. The operating system is designed especially for netbooks or low powered devices, but you can also enjoy the experience on your laptop and desktop. The simplest way to run the Chrome OS on your computer is by making its Bootable/Live flash drive. We thank Hexxeh for providing his latest build of Chrome OS codenamed: Flow. Flow contains many improvements over previous build including Nvidia Ion acceleration as next generation netbooks are based on Nvidia Ion Platform. Keep in mind that the Chrome OS is not official released yet, but pre-release builds like this are available.

flow chromium os How to make bootable Chromium OS flash drive


How to make the live USB:

  • Extract the Chromium OS image from the compressed file
  • Insert the flash drive and format it. You need a minimum of 2 GB flash drive
  • Open the Windows Image Writer and write the image into the flash drive
  • Enable USB boot option from your bios and reboot using the flash drive, your’re done!
  • The default username and password for this build is facepunch

This should do it and you’ll be able to enjoy the Chrome OS experience on your device before the official release. If you encounter any problem, feel free to ask in comments.

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    How can I write the Chromium OS image into the flash drive? Can I do it with Brasero?

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    You need to download the Windows Image writer. The download link is there in the article.

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    but i use linux, and im sure Windows Image writer is for Windows

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    yea, you got to find the linux installations of Chrome OS

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    how can you change the default name and pass?

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    i have built the chromium os my self , but i think it's not more than a browser .

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