How to Authorize Computer on itunes

By | January 7th, 2010

If this is your first time on itunes and with iPhone or iPod, you may not be able to sync your device on itunes. It gives an error that this PC is not authorized, so you need to authorize it. To authorize your computer you need to have an Apple/iTune ID. On the itunes go to Store from the toolbar above, there you’ll find an option to Authorize Computer.

itunes How to Authorize Computer on itunes

  • ruberinator

    thanks man cos the itunes jst says store>authorize computer and i thought it meant the itunes store lol

  • chjawadm

    Yes, many people confuse the statement and actually go to the apple website

  • Bia_b4me

    u r the best!!!!!! ive searched every where on itunes how to authorize my computer n they dont really tell u much….thanks

  • braveheart101

    anyone know how to deauthorise a PREVIOUSLY used pc that is still authorised? i reinstall windows a lot and somehow the previous windows counts as a different oc and so i can’t access it and deauthorise :L i’m on my final pc i’m allowed (out of 5) and i don’t want to not be able to authorise a pc if i forget to deauthorise the old windows before i reinstall it….

    long story short… can i manage what pcs are authorised? and remove previous ones….

  • Nicole95_shoutouts

    The picture helped A LOT :)