Google Nexus One Spotted: Early Speculations

By | December 16th, 2009

Google Nexus One is on the horizon with news of the early prototype hitting FFC and pictured. However, the details of the new Google Phone are still hidden, but we have some speculations.

google Nexus Google Nexus One Spotted: Early Speculations

It seems that no one can get their hands on the new phone for now. We know that the new smartphone is going to run the Google Android 2.1 OS. This platform should provide broad application support and some new and exciting features. Google is still tight lipped about releasing detailed specification or pricing. However, Google has got a green signal from FFC and it seems T-Mobile will the carrier of the smartphone. Google Nexus appears to be similar to the upcoming HTC Dragon/Passion which has 3.7-inch AMOLED screen and 5-Mega Pixel camera, but nothing is confirmed for now. There will be no physical keyboard and hardware configuration should be much better than the iPhone 3GS.

Most interestingly, the smartphone will be available unlocked which means that the user can choose any carrier without making monthly early commitments. With Consumer Electronic Show (CES) on the horizon, one can expect full package details with-in weeks. We will be posting more updates as they are released.

  • Ashwin

    Relax everyone, this is not the phone Google is going to bet itself away on. Until they find a way to monetize on a retail and distribution model for phones, they are not going to risk alienating members of the Alliance and jeopardizing the future of the Android platform itself. Come on, why would HTC manufacture a phone for them (if that is even true and confirmed), unless Google is planning to purchase HTC (hmmm…that is food for thought). Search is their core interest – their past, present and future. So anything they do must either present immediate revenue or a very rich potential for it. The intended vision of Android was an open platform that gave developers the power to write great software for as many phones as possible, while giving millions of mobile phone users immediate and unrestricted access to Google Search and its other services. They chose to publicize a “dog-fooding” phone that:
    <li>does not operate on the EVDO network or an equivalent</li>
    <li>is running on a version of Android that is not yet on any other phone in the market, including the Droid (running v 2.0 currently)</li>
    <li>is equivalent or better than iPhone or Droid hardware</li>
    <li>is potentially capable of integrating with its recent AdMob acquisition</li>
    <li>potentially radicalizes user interface (just like crackberry once did)</li>
    Can someone tell me if there is anything in the above list that coherently addresses any one particular feature of the Holy Grail of smartphones?? Google owes too much to its investors to be giving away free stuff or advocating the don't be evil movement without putting a dent in their stock's EPS.

    Carriers are going to hate hosting commitment-free phones on their networks, where only consumers have the right to walk out on them. Google will need to come up with a model that will satisfy consumers and carriers alike, unless they want to be a carrier also, in the forseeable future. Or share hefty portions of revenues with each carrier that allows Android phones on its network. Let the dust from all the wild rumors settle…

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