Dell Adamo XPS is 9.99 mm thick

By | October 18th, 2009

dell adamo xps 300x282 Dell Adamo XPS is 9.99 mm thick

Dell will release its new super slim laptop, the Adamo XPS which is 1 cm thick. The release date, price and specs are not disclosed by dell yet. Dell is only teasing with pictures of this awesome machine. Mind you that this laptop will be thinner than MacBookAir whose thickness varies from 0.4-1.94 cm. The main challenge for dell is to squeeze a long-lasting battery into this thin space which is very difficult. Of course, this product will be very expensive but what’s the point of buying when you don’t get a good battery time. I think a battery time of at least 6 hours at max use will go good with this slim laptop and that will make it the most ultra portable laptop.

adamo xps Dell Adamo XPS is 9.99 mm thick

In the picture above, the laptop looks like a paper. It’s really very thin and hopefully light weight. If dell manages to keep it under $1500, it will be a good choice for portability. Dell has not revealed any of the specs yet but hopefully it will be powerful as compared to MacBookAir. The previous version of Adamo is 16.5 mm in thickness and has a core 2 duo processor in it.

Update: Unofficial Specs:

  • 1.4 or 1.9 GHz dual core Intel Processor
  • Integrated X4500MHD graphics
  • 4GB of DDR3 RAM
  • 128 or 180GB SSD
  • 13.4 inch screen size

adamo Dell Adamo XPS is 9.99 mm thick

Okay, I’ve been working out some aspects of Dell Adamo to decide whether it will be a success or not. A buyer needs to keep following things in mind before going for this product.

dell adamo side view Dell Adamo XPS is 9.99 mm thick

  • It’s thinner than Apple’s MacBook Air.
  • The previous Adamo is 16.5 mm in thickness yet provides very powerful specs. Let’s hope this one is more powerful.
  • It should have a battery time of at least 6 hours minimum to be declared as the ultimate portable machine.
  • It should come with Windows 7 and SSD like previous Adamo.
  • Basic things like Bluetooth and Webcam should not be missing.
  • It should weigh less than 2 Kg like previous Adamo
  • The price should not exceed $2500 at start and $2000 after few months.

adamo pic Dell Adamo XPS is 9.99 mm thick

See previous Adamo

See New Adamo XPS

Via Nexus 404

Updates: Some more pictures

adamo5 Dell Adamo XPS is 9.99 mm thick

xps unearthed Dell Adamo XPS is 9.99 mm thick

Update: See price, release date and specs

  • james field

    Expect failures due to mechanical flexure problems. God help the DVD after a few times picking it hurriedly while spinning.

    Fashion does not follow function.

  • slrman

    But, in the end, it's still a Dell and that's code for “Cheap Junk” Yet another PC maker trying to out-Apple Apple. They can't seem to understand that Quality, attention to detail, and an OS that actually does work are what counts.

  • Name

    whatever apple sucks…win7 is owning OSX performance on my 1100$ HP laptop versus my macbook pro. talk about an overpriced piece of hipster crap. PC rules the world

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  • Kr

    Srlman, you are obiously the kind of person who would buy a turd in apple packaging and call it 'good quality' because steve Jobs tells you it is.

    Apple has never been about quality, its been about marketing and brainwashing sheep like you into thinking its fashionable to have one.

    PC/Laptop vendors have always outstripped apple power vs $ and quality vs $

    So please keep the hilarious comparisons comming, apple is joke, and 99% of the world knows it, if you want to waste your money on thier crap, be my guest.

  • Paul

    I've only ever owned one Dell machine (my current PC) and it is truly excellent. I've previously used Samsung, Alienware and Sony machines extensively and the Dell has been just as good.

    My brother has had a Apple laptop for almost a year. It's been unreliable and had to go back to Apple a couple of times due to factory recalls.

  • jd

    i just wanted to say i accidentally “liked” slrman's response… he obviously likes fashion over function. thats what apple is and strives to be. Keep paying more for less…

  • factopo

    This is a really cool laptop, It looks like the macbook air a bit

  • Bobco

    OK, Whats the point of spending alot of money on something that is small. The price is nutz!

  • jam

    I do not like this keyboard, I think it will be very difficult to use

  • Jon

    I don't like the look of that hinge – For starters if it's actually used as a laptop (I know they don't like the phrase, but that's still how many people use it) then it will dig into your legs.

    Secondly, that doesn't look like a comfortable typing angle, it's too steep. Obviously the jury's out until it's actually tested, but my money's on it being pretty uncomfortable on the move – which is surely the point.

  • calgary webdesign

    awesome i want one …take that mac airbook

  • Jon

    It looks nice, but sadly completely out of my league. I'm betting on the processing power being moderate, but just like the macbook air, it'll leave users wanting more.

  • James_Smith

    Kr, You are obviously a person that knows nothing about computers, has never owned an Apple product and likes to denigrate others because it makes your own pathetic life feel better.

    While I do not agree with all of Apple's policies, I do like the fact that their products are reliable and have great attention to detail in their design and they work exactly as they should. Windows systems have consistently copied Apple's and are only for the 90% of the sheeple like you that know nothing and are proud it.

  • Konraden

    “Reliable” as in multiple hard disk failures over a period of just three years? Reliable as in frequent crashing due to poorly developed wireless software? Which reliable part?

  • Konraden

    Making things small costs a lot of money. Miniaturization is big business.

  • Anonymous

    FYI, I have been using Macintosh and Windows computers side-by-side since 1986. I have had more hardware and software failures on Windows systems in a week than I have had in Macintosh computers total. I have never had a single hard drive failure in a Mac. For that matter, I have only had two in Windows systems. I currently have two Apple laptops one is 5 years old, the other is 7 years old. They both work perfectly and have never had anything replaced.

    In all that time, I have had exactly one Macintosh system software (you DO know what that is?) problem that required the OS to be re-installed. Even then, it did not wipe the hard drive as Windows has always done. Apple learned how to do that trick in 1984. Microsoft has never learned it even though they have consistently copied everything Apple does.

    Windows has never had the reliability, stability, and user flexibility of Apple.

    As a result of 24 years of experience, I can safely say that anyone that uses a Windows system when they could have Mac is a poor deluded fool. Like you, MS Fanboi.

  • pandemedic

    I like how the article keeps comapring it to the macbook air, forgive me if im wrong but wasn’t the air a huge flop? why would they try and copy a failed product?

  • guest

    you are retarded. apple charges double the price for the same exact parts, not to mention they typically break RIGHT after the one year warranty is up. P

  • Anonymous

    I notice that you can only offer insults and not facts. You obviously know nothing about Macs or computers in general. Where are your facts? Where is your proof? Don’t have any? The who is retarded?

    Compare the build quality and attention to detail of any Macintosh to a PC. Then compare the resale value. Remember I have been using Windows systems and Macs side-by-side since the mid-80′s. You have done nothing but reveal your own ignorance and determination to remain ignorant. Then you call me “retarded”. You can’t even think of an original insult.

  • Anonymous

    James you are a loyal Apple fan and I agree with your point that none other product as the quality that Apple gives to its products.

  • FuckApple

    They should do something original with the keyboard & mouse… looks too generic and uncomfortable like @jam said. otherwise, it looks great! It would look even better running some linux ;)