Cool flash drives

By | March 23rd, 2009

The Coin:

Perhaps the most amazing form of flash drive I’ve seen is this. Although they come in many cool styles, but this is really a unique idea and design by LaCie. They serve best in portability due to their small size and coined shape structure. The connector rolls into the coin that further reduces its size and make it just like a coin. It also looks beautiful and come in silver and golden color (like silver and gold coin). For this size and style, I do not think it is much expensive.

 Cool flash drives

Current Price:

4GB = $ 19.99

8GB = $ 30.99

Check Latest Price Here

They are saying people are converting back to real money i.e. gold and silver coins, due to the financial downfall of the Capitalist system. Well in that case, these Flash Drives will perfectly match in your pocket! We hope the price of these USB drives reduce in future as they release them in 16 and 32 GB sizes.

The Muscle Man:

Before you buy it, it’s not a Flash memory, it’s a toy. It’s perfect to give someone in gift! When you plug it in, the muscular man starts working out.

 Cool flash drives

 Cool flash drives

If a person sees it first time, he appreciate its beauty. But the real game starts when you plug it in. It’s really cool. If you are a body-builder, then this can be a source of inspiration to you. See it in action here

Do give the man some rest after sometime, after all this is a tough exercise! icon razz Cool flash drives If you are planning to give as gift to someone, purchase it from here

16 GB of Storage in 1.5 grams:

One of the world’s smallest yet supporting a full 30 MB/s transfer rate and weighing just 1.5 grams, the PICO mini flash drive, comes in storage capacities of 2, 4, 8 and 16 GB. It is one of  the world’s lightest and thinnest professional flash drives, giving best performance with best style.  This flash drive is so small and thin that you can even put it in your wallet.

pico mini Cool flash drives

pico mini size Cool flash drives

Pico Mini flash drive by Super Talent supports USB 2.0 and is backward compatible with USB 1.1 standard. Moreover it’s Water Resistant, comes with a lifetime warranty and an affordable price. The size of the drive is 32 x 15 x 3 mm, that’s right it’s only 3mm thick. I strongly recommend it for personal and office use, you can buy it for best price at Memory Card Zoo.

The Key:

If you always have some keys in your pocket, then this is the perfect match for you. These flash drives can add an extra key and some GBs to your keyring. They are available in silver color, to match with the common key color. They impress their users by their High transfer speeds.

 Cool flash drives  Cool flash drives  Cool flash drives


4 GB = $ 14-18

8 GB = $ 23-28

Transfer Speed:

Read mode: up to 30 MB/s

Write mode: up to 10MB/s

Purchase from Here

Memory in a Sperm:

This is a USB flash memory, with shape like a sperm!

 Cool flash drives  Cool flash drives

Color is undoubtedly white, shape is like a sperm and speed is fast.

Some More:

 Cool flash drives  Cool flash drives
 Cool flash drives  Cool flash drives
 Cool flash drives  Cool flash drives
 Cool flash drives  Cool flash drives

Here are some more:

 Cool flash drives

 Cool flash drives

 Cool flash drives

 Cool flash drives

I’m amazed to see new concepts everyday, they may not be available as a product but the concept amuses a lot. Sometimes companies order a specific design for promotional purposes only, like that Sperm USB drive was distributed in a conference meeting.

 Cool flash drives

 Cool flash drives

 Cool flash drives

To see more, visit Cool Flash Drive series.

  • Ashish Kalmegh

    I liked the Muscle Man pendrive :)

  • Rashid Rupani

    Keys and Muscle Man Flash drives are looking very good.

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  • Tisi

    Cool stuff. I like the coins and keys. I went to buy one, and thought you should know the prices are not 4GB = $ 19.99
    8GB = $ 30.99, but 4GB = £ 19.99
    8GB = £30.99, which is a bit of a difference. It’s not a price change, it’s just different currency.

  • jawad

    @ Tisi

    Hey thx for the correction

    However the official website says the same price is dollarsSEE HERE, and the official retailers says the same value in Pounds SEE HERE :D :D

  • Babydino

    hahahahah ROFL
    i love the working out men…well actually everything!!!
    i totally wish i could get them…

  • Yasir

    The coins Flash drives are really awesome. Are they available in Pakistan also?

  • jawad

    I think they are not, you’ve to buy online and pay for shipment!

  • Tony

    Very cool, shame the coin one is just a toy though.
    I must admit, what I look for is speed, durability and most of all price.

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  • Nick

    I like the bullet usb drive and the key ones. They are really cool. You get a stumble thumbs up for this.

  • jawad

    @ Nick, Thank you so much, I appreciate it :)

  • Ashish Kalmegh

    The Muscle Man : LoL
    I want that pen drive :d

  • Mayur

    I loved the muscle man :D

  • Onasis

    The The Muscle Man flash drive is the coolest. But it doesn’t store any bit. So the keys are better because they need less space.

  • dream

    Where can I get those necklace ones? Super cool!

  • adam

    that last one is totally photoshopped.

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  • DanW

    The coin is not a toy…the muscle man is.

  • Jasper

    rofl love the finger and muscleman

  • Johnson

    Very nice! Our company had some flash drives made @ – We told them what we wanted and they were able to make it…a metal race car. Best to use existing designs though…saves $$$.

  • Guillaume

    I have the 8GB key, and it’s awesome: never again losing my USB drive, it’s always there when I need it. And the build is very good quality, very solid. Best USB drive I ever got (and I got plenty).

  • Television Spy

    The cigar is a bit off, looks too wide.

  • Bucket Trucks

    I love the Cork Flash drive, It looks so real

  • DanH42

    Someone else makes a flash drive that's also a working harmonica — it looks pretty sweet.

  • Florida Wedding Photography

    Where can I buy them ?

  • chjawadm

    Some of these have BUY link. You can also visit to find such cool products.

  • marylawebb

    Where can I buy the cork shaped usb flash drive

  • chjawadm

    You can buy cork shaped flash drive from the following links:

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  • james braselton

    hi there corsaire has a 128 gb usb flash drive and other companies have 256 gb fash drives can not wait until 2015 or 2020 when we will have terabyte version flash drives of these models

  • stylemobiles

    My favourite has to be the cork

  • USB Business Card

    <img src=”” alt=”usb business card />

    This one is a bit more practical. Carries in your wallet like a credit card (so you won't forget it at home).

  • Bckm10

    they are aswome

  • Usb Flash Disk

    They are the most unique and coolest usb flash drives I have seen. I was deeply attracted by these beautiful flash drives. I’ll get on among you mentioned in your article.

  • Anonymous

    I have fallen in love with these cool usb flash drives the first time I saw them, They are really very nice. This will help me in my decision making when I get one!

  • USB Flash Drive

    Personally,I like the coin shape usb flash drives, It’s very unique and beautiful, Hoping to get myself a new usb flash drive soon.

  • Best USB Flash Drive

    After watching this video of the muscle man usb flash drives, I begin to love them, They are very cute.

  • Anonymous

    The shape of these usb flash drives are very attractive. I have fallen in loving with them the first time I saw this article.

  • remove spyware protection 2010

    Keys look great!

  • nd

    where can I buy the sperm, or the lego?

  • Jeux flash

    The Lego flash drive is awesome ! Where can i buy it please ?

  • Pam

    I just got some flash drives in a shape of a truck from these guys in Chicago: