Chrome OS will not be like Windows 7

By | November 20th, 2009

Chrome OS finally gets more details and we thank Google for this. The Chrome OS is totally different from traditional operation systems. To cut short, it’s just browser running on Linux Kernel. Many people use only internet on their PC, i.e they watch videos online, check emails, listen to music online and store their pictures and data online. Not to mention facebook and twitter. While a person is on PC he spends almost 90% of the time on internet.

 Chrome OS will not be like Windows 7

Google Jumps in with a crazy but sleek idea: Let browser be your Operating System!. I will definitely like to install it on my PC as I spend most of my time on internet. You can have it on you system, combined with other operating systems and boot the Chrome OS when you feel like staying online and nothing else. It will allow you to surff internet at lighting speed even on netbooks and smartphones.

A piece of advise; don’t buy expensive laptops for your common use. Buy a netbook and install Linux with Chrome OS. That’s a better and cheaper solution. And yes, it’s open source and hopefully free. Here’s a short inspiring video by Google that will tell you almost everything about Chrome OS in 3 minutes.

  • ChrisB

    Chrome OS won't be compatible with any old hardware though, will it? Could I install it on my existing PC and get it to boot from GRUB alongside W7 and Ubuntu? What about drivers?

  • chjawadm

    It's linux based plus open source so I think we can install it on any pc that can run linux. Plus we can include it in multiboot list

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  • Sen

    What’s the point of this? A google themed linux distro? I really don’t think this counts as your “own” o.s. Nice way to piggy back off the linux kernel and cut out over half of the real work. Just install linux. Need windows still? Dual boot. This seems like shite.

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