Cheap iPad gets Expensive Diamond Coating

By | March 15th, 2010

Behold ladies and gentlemen, World’s first Diamond iPad is available for pre order starting today! If you are a millionaire, be quick in ordering this peace of beauty as the maker, Mervis Diamond Importers, has very few copies for sale. They call it M diamond iPad offering a total of 11.43 carats of diamond (2.286 grams) coating on all four sides of the iPad.

m diamond ipad Cheap iPad gets Expensive Diamond Coating

Price: $19,999
Order at this phone number : 703.287.1615

Via Engadget

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  • mutaal

    this is madness :S

  • diamond rings

    Bravo!! diamond coated ipod. It is very beautiful. This preferable for millionarie. It can't be worldwide.

  • Cheap Jewelry

    Wow, I am astounded by this diamond coated ipod they are just a sight to see. i wish if i can buy it.

  • Yankeebud101

    i am a million air

  • Yankebud101

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  • Astoundedperson

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