ASRock ION 330-BD Nettop

By | June 20th, 2009

We’ve been covering almost all the ION based products, nettop and netbook on this blog. This is a continuation of the same. But, the question is whether ASRock ION 330-BD Nettop is a replacement for desktop or not. For the same reason i’m dedicating this post only for presenting the specs in detail.

 ASRock ION 330 BD Nettop


1. CPU: Intel Atom 330

  • CPU Speed 1.60 GHz (can be overclocked to 2.1 GHz from BIOS)
  • Buss Speed 533 MHz
  • L2 Cache 1 MB
  • Technology 45 nm
  • Thermal Design Power 8 W
  • Voltage Range 0.90 V to 1.625 V
  • Supported Features: Dual Core, Hyper-Threading Technology, Intel® EM64T, Execute Disable Bit

2. Chipset: NVIDIA ION Graphics Processor
3. Memory: 2GB DDR (800 MHz) Dual Channel (Max 4GB)
4. VGA:

  • DX 10
  • Full HD 1080p
  • Blue Ray HD/DVD

5. Sound: HD Audio 5.1
6. Hard disk: 320 GB (2.5″)
7. Power: 65W/19V
8. Weight: 1.69Kg
9. I/O Ports:

  • 6 USB 2.0 ports
  • 1 VGA port
  • 1 HDMI/DVI
  • RJ 45 (Gigabit LAN)

10. Dimensions:

  • Width 7.67 inch
  • Height 2.75 inch
  • Length 7.32 inch

11. Price: ~ $ 400

Specs Picture:

 ASRock ION 330 BD Nettop


 ASRock ION 330 BD Nettop

 ASRock ION 330 BD Nettop

 ASRock ION 330 BD Nettop


See the video below:

  • fpga_brad

    I was told that the ASRock ION330 only came with a DVD drive. Where did you get the model with the Bluray drive?


  • Jack

    Same question as Brad- where did the bluray come from? Hope it’s true!

    Just add esata and it’s got everything I want…

  • Kev

    I have my 1st deliveries of the bluray version coming into the UK on monday, so should be in retail shops and online shortly after that.

  • Cali-kid

    8 watts?
    That makes it something that should be better known, yes?

    I like my systems, but i never have liked using 500 600 700 watts to run them.

  • usman

    That’s right. Giving performance at such a less power makes it a winner.