Apple Mac Tablet; Goodbye Kindle

By | May 24th, 2009

Amazon recently released its Kindle and Kindle DX (May 6, 2009) which was a unique thing in the market and attracted many users. Some quick features of Kindle DX are 9.7″ diagonal display, can store up to 3500 books, thickness of just 0.38″ and have features like Wireless, Text-To-Speech, PDF support. All this was just under 500$.

 Apple Mac Tablet; Goodbye Kindle

However one cannot expect Apple to stay behind in such a gadget race, and so here we have Apple Mac Tablet releasing in public pretty soon with a lot of cool features that makes it a winner over the Kindle. It is reported that apple is going to release it in mid of year 2010, but rumors are that it’s releasing sooner than that. Let us be clear that this release by apple will not only a competitor with kindle but challenge many PC and mobile companies.

 Apple Mac Tablet; Goodbye Kindle

After the success of Macbook Air, we can expect the Mac Tablet to be more light-weight, elegant and thin. Some  features of Mac Tablet as pre-mentioned by different blogs and websites all over the internet are:

  • Thinner than ever
  • Light as feather
  • At least 4 hour battery time
  • Touch screen like iPhone
  • Dynamic Virtual keyboard  on Screen
  • Extremely portable
  • Just Like a paper
  • Display 7-10 inch
  • Expected Price 700$

 Apple Mac Tablet; Goodbye Kindle Apple Mac Tablet; Goodbye Kindle

 Apple Mac Tablet; Goodbye Kindle

According to some officials, the release price would range from 500$ – 1000$. The Mac Tablet has already attracted a lot of buzz on the internet on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs an others, so I think it will be a major sale when released. Let’s hope that Apple will do a great job with Mac Tablet and the product would be very useful yet with an afforable price.

  • Kyle

    I would love to have one! it would replace my itouch compleatly. I hope it would have the internet on the go, tho i don’t know how they would do that…but hey it’s apple anythings possible. :)

  • asansorkiralama

    very good…

  • Jonney

    This device is compatible with Inkwell, a feature by default in Mac OS X Tiger which has been provided by handwriting gestures and movement (including gestures stunt), Watch the video here –

  • Parag

    The ModBook includes an iSight camera and a CD / DVD burner. The housing is made of an aluminum alloy, so the image could be a mock-up may be incorrect. Another news that introduces ModBook is an optional integrated GPS receiver, in cooperation with GlobalSat developed and equipped with a SiRFstar III chipset. See the video here :

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    I should make some money and buy an iPad!!!

  • Anonymous

    The computer is really wonderful! 

  • Anonymous

    This MAC is very cool.This explanation has given us great help in MAC.