Apple iPad Case, Sleeve and Screen Protector

By | January 28th, 2010

Griffin is the first one to announce the five must have Apple iPad accessories. They include the Cases, Sleeves, Jumpers and Screen Protector. I would recommend you to buy the Case as it will keep your ipad scratch-less. These safety products are not yet released as nobody knew the exact dimensions of iPad before yesterday. Griffin has displayed these products on their website and they will be available for sale very soon.

ipad case Apple iPad Case, Sleeve and Screen Protector

The Elan Passport Case is the the most highlighted among the products. It opens like a book or like a DVD case protecting your precious iPad inside. Inside it has a soft microsuede interior that protects the touch screen and a pocket for placing contact cards. Then there’s a Elan sleeve which appears to be less expensive than the Case but provide the same protection to the iPad.

ipad bag Apple iPad Case, Sleeve and Screen Protector

The safety product look pretty nice. They also offer a jumper and screen coating. The showcase includes another cool product which is the slicon skin for iPad named as FlexGrip. It helps protect the back side of the tablet from scratches and dents and gives you a firm grip. It also helps against the dirt which is a common problem among the ipod/iPhone users.

iPad Case by Apple

Apple also felt the need that iPad should come with a case. Although the case is not included in the price but you can buy it along with your iPad direct from Apple website. It’s listed in the Technical Specification page of iPad. The case is not just a case, it provides many other mounting functions along with the protection. See the images of ipad case by apple:

apple ipad case Apple iPad Case, Sleeve and Screen Protector

apple mount ipad Apple iPad Case, Sleeve and Screen Protector

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