A remote control, game controller, VOIP phone, and mouse in one

By | January 12th, 2009

This is a guest article written by Emma Best from laptopical.com, a guide to the latest gadgets and best laptops. They also have a twitter account, so follow them here

Who says innovation in desktops is dead? Lenovo’s new IdeaCentre A600 takes “all in one” to a whole new level. It’s got lots of nifty technology features, but one stands out – the remote control. What multimedia PC today is complete without a remote control? What about a motion-based game controller (think Nintendo Wii)? What about a VOIP phone handset, or mouse you can use in mid-air?

a600 A remote control, game controller, VOIP phone, and mouse in one

The A600 includes all these features in one nifty little device.

Similar to the Nintendo Wii’s controllers, the A600’s remote is motion sensitive and combines all the above mentioned features into one unit. Play motion games (it appears at least a tennis game might be included), call out over VOIP, play music & movies, and mouse around Windows without getting up from your chair or even setting the device on a mouse-pad.

On closer inspection, it looks like you might need to clear room on your coffee table for this technological wonder. The remote looks to be rather long, with a combination of playback controls, alphanumeric keys (similar to a cell phone), Windows multimedia features, and maybe even some programmable buttons. Maybe this could even function as a back scratcher!

You might also appreciate the HD 1080p compatible 21.5” LCD display with 1920×1080 pixels. Built into what looks like a stylish LCD TV is an array of Intel Core 2 Duo processors, optional ATI discrete graphics, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, and up to 1TB in storage. While you may not get all the hot features for the starting price of $999, that certainly is a nice price to get into such a well rounded, stylish machine.

Like some of Lenovo’s other systems, this model includes their Veriface feature. This allows you to login to Windows using only face recognition via a webcam. But be careful – your face can be faked. An optional Blu-ray player, integrated subwoofer, and available WiFi round out this truly all-in-one machine.

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    Similar to the Nintendo Wii’s controllers, the
    A600’s remote is motion sensitive and combines all the above mentioned
    features into one unit. Play motion games (it appears at least a tennis
    game might be included), call out over VOIP, play music & movies,
    and mouse around Windows without getting up from your chair or even
    setting the device on a mouse-pad.Read more: http://www.hardwareinsight.com/a-remote-control-game-controller-voip-phone-and-mouse-in-one/#ixzz1pG8KBngm