16 Acronyms that geeks speak but don’t know the meaning

By | September 16th, 2009

Among email etiquettes is that you should not use acronyms because not every person knows the meaning of these acronyms. Imagine you’re a geek among your friends and they ask you what the hell is DMOZ, or what does MP3 stands for! Here are few acronyms that most geeks use in their daily life but don’t know the meaning. Honestly tell me how many meanings you knew out of these. icon razz 16 Acronyms that geeks speak but dont know the meaning

1. 3G Third-generation
2. ATM Asychronous Transfer Mode
3. AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
4. Blog Short for Web Log
5. DIVX Digital Video Express
6. DMOZ Directory Mozilla
7. DSL Digital Subscriber Line
8. DVD Digital Versatile Disc
9. JPEG Joint Photographics Expert Group
10. KDE K Desktop Environment
11. MP3 MPEG Layer 3
12. MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group
13. SQL Structure Query Language
14. URL Uniform Resource Locator
15. Wi-Fi Wireless Fidelity
16. Y2K Year 2000

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  • Matt Doar

    You’re kidding, right? TMBAT (This Must Be A Troll)

  • Sam

    A couple of clarifications ;)

    5. Digital Video Express (DIVX) was the failed Circuit City video rental scheme.

    DivX, which is likely in more common use, is a brand name of products by DivX Inc, including a popular MPEG4 video codec.

    13. Missing a ‘d’ – Structured Query Language

  • Christine

    “Let's go to Blockbuster and rent a Digital Versatile Disc for tonight! It'll be fun!”
    “How about I just send you the Joint Photographic Expert Groups from the prom last night and then you can crop them?”
    “Could you send me the Uniform Resource Locator of that file?”

  • seth

    Dude, gtfo and stfu. I knew all of those.

  • http://www.2kad.net/ Paul

    Those are EASY ones (I knew all of them already). You should really add TLA, ADSL, TLD, PNG and a few others to the list, although I suspect almost all geeks will know those too.

  • Jack Sparrow

    Um ATM means automated teller machine fyi.